2.3 Audiovisual analysis and production

If you've ever made a movie (or analyzed one for class), created a podcast, or told stories online, you've probably developed this competency.

Developing this competency involves:

  • Learning and using a range of methodologies to critically analyze images, film, audio recordings, animations, and other audiovisual “texts” and how they are used.
  • Learning to effectively communicate ideas using audiovisual media (podcasts, video, etc.) and techniques (e.g. digital story-telling).
  • Becoming familiar with and comfortable using a range of tools for publishing and sharing digital audiovisual content, and learning to identify those most appropriate to given audiences, topics, and content.
  • Learning to format and optimize audiovisual media for sharing via different print and digital platforms.
  • Learning how to give credit to other’s creative work and original ideas using attribution conventions appropriate for audiovisual media.