GET Registration Troubleshooting

Problem: ID number needs to be 9 digits.
Solution: Add 2 zeros before your 7 digit ID number.
Note: Staff/faculty with 6-digit ID numbers need to add 3 zeros before the ID number to make it 9 digits.

Problem: "Invalid confirmation code, code can only be used once" type of message appears when inputting confirmation code sent to email.
Solution: Go to the GET log in page and attempt logging in anyway.
Problem: After clicking on "forgot password" you receive an email that says there is no account with a email.
Solution: You likely signed up with a personal email in the past; send the "forgot password" link to your personal email.
Problem: App recognizes the email as attached to an existing account.
Solution: Click forgot password and reset password.

Problem: Not following password requirements. Passwords must be at least 7 characters in length, contain at least one letter and one number, they are case-sensitive and it cannot be one of your last four passwords.
Solution: Follow the password requirements on the instruction page closely.
Problem: Using preferred or nicknames in name field.
Solution: Students should be using your legal name (When asked for your first and last name, enter them exactly printed on your student bill).
Problem: The registration fields all need to be populated and they are not.
Solution: Fill out all registration fields.
Problem: Students using the Bionic password to log into GET. 
Solution: Students need to create a new password in GET.
The use of a PC is the best way to register for an account, the use of a MAC sometimes causes a registration to not complete.
Solution: Use a PC if possible.
Problem: Inconsistent field population.
Solution: Take your time typing and review your fields before submitting. 

If you are still having trouble please email and for further assistance.