Tuition Grant Program

Bryn Mawr College provides tuition reimbursement for dependent children of employees who are scheduled to work at least the equivalent of 17.5 hours per week (52 weeks per year, or 910 hours annually) and who have completed seven years of service at the time an eligible child enrolls for an academic year.  Please refer to the Handbooks and Policies and other provided plan documentation for complete details.  You may also contact Human Resources with any questions.

The benefit for eligible full-time staff members is limited to the lesser of:

  • One half (50%) of the Bryn Mawr College tuition in the applicable academic year
  • One half (50%) of the tuition charged by the institution in which the eligible child is enrolled.

Eligible part-time staff members will receive a pro-rated tuition grant, which is annually scheduled hours divided by 1820.