Commuter Benefits Plan

The Bryn Mawr College Commuter Benefits Plan (the "Plan"), is a tax-free fringe benefit plan established under Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) §132(f), as expanded by the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century. Active, regular, non-student full-time and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the Plan. The Plan allows eligible employees to set aside part of their salary on a tax-free basis to pay for certain workrelated commuter expenses. Only expenses for a qualified transit pass under IRC §132(f), which enable eligible employees to commute to or from work, are eligible for reimbursement under the Plan. The maximum salary reduction allowed is $315 per month.

Enrollment in Commuter Benefits is managed directly through Edenred...

*** Follow this link for how to get started ***

Employees who wish to participate in the Plan in a given month must confirm enrollment by the 10th of the previous month through the Edenred Commuter Benefits site:

The Company ID that you need in order to enroll is CCO16828.  If you are commuting via SEPTA regional rails, it is recommended that the credit card option be elected in lieu of the SEPTA travel wallet, for SEPTA is advising that travel wallet is not yet working on the regional rails.  When you first enroll, the credit card will be mailed to your home and will need to be activated.  The balance on the credit card should then be transferred to a SEPTA keycard, which can be done at a SEPTA kiosk or station.

The deduction for the month will be taken from the pay or pays associated with the month on a pre-tax basis.  It is the responsibility of the person participating in the Bryn Mawr College Commuter Benefits Plan to monitor their election and to make sure that it reflects their commuting needs.