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Community Diversity Assistants

Celebrating & supporting campus life in all its vibrancy and diversity.

Community Diversity Assistants (CDAs) help the Bryn Mawr College community understand and celebrate its diversity across a variety of categories, e.g. race, socioeconomic class, gender identity, sexuality, etc. In the dorms, CDAs act as mediators for conflicts and disputes around issues of diversity, and hold office hours (usually by appointment) to answer any questions that residents might have about issues of diversity on campus. CDAs also hold at least four dorm-wide hangouts per year, which bring the dorm community together to socialize and talk about a particular issue of diversity.

In addition, CDAs organize events and discussions for the larger campus community, celebrating campus vibrancy and tackling more complicated issues that may or may not directly touch our campus.

Resources for Current CDAs

Reimbursement forms should be emailed to the Program Assistant, Catherine Taipe. Forms should be in a single PDF with corresponding receipts. Please contact the Program Assistant with any questions.

Current CDA Co-Heads

Breanna Brown CDA

Breanna Brown

Marilyn Chavez CDA

Marilyn Chavez

Current CDAs

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Grace Tsai

Kitt Briggs CDA

Kit Briggs

Whitney Rigodon CDA

Whitney Rigodon

Nshimirimana Evelyne CDA

Nshimirimana Evelyne

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Hadiyah Al-Gahdari

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Afiya Khan

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Lordina Oduro

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Gaelle Isophe

Photo of Aashna Dolwani '24

Arshia Dolwani

Jess Smith CDA

Jess Smith

Anna Nguyen CDA

Anna T. Nguyen

Veronica Mellado sitting in a chair at The Well

Veronica Mellado

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