LITS Division Organizational Chart

Chief Information Officer and Constance A. Jones Director of Libraries

Gina Siesing

Director of Information Security


Executive Assistant to the CIO & Director of Libraries

Elizabeth Roan

Senior Project Director 

Melissa Cresswell

Project Coordinator


Director of Client Engagement & Planning

Katie Surkin

Director of Assessment, Learning Spaces, and Special Projects

David Consiglio

Multimedia Technician

Richard Matthews

Multimedia Technician

Rodney Matthews

Multimedia Technician & Vendor Coordinator

Ralph Del Giudice

Manager for Procurement & Partnerships

Bill Kenny

Technology Purchasing Coordinator

Grace Weldon

Manager for Client Relationships & Support

Bonnie Wei

Assistant Manager for Client Support and Education

Peter Maple

Client Services Technical Lead

Kordell Alexander

Help Desk Associate


Senior Technical Support Specialist

Ryan Floody

Technical Support Specialist

William Alston

Technical Support Specialist

Derek Bumiller

Technical Support Specialist

Roy Smith

Director of Collection Management & Discovery

Berry Chamness

Electronic Resources and Serials Specialist

Shenika McAlister

EZBorrow Coordinator

Karen Willcox

InterLibrary Loan Coordinator

Jacob Long

Library Assistant – Acquisitions


Library Assistant – Cataloguing & End Processing

Kim DiGiovanni

Library Assistant – Cataloguing & Reserves

Elizabeth Latham

Monographs Acquisition Librarian

Amy Graham

Director of Educational and Scholarly Technology

Jennifer Spohrer

Assistive Technology Specialist

Grace Cipressi

Data Science Instructional Support Coordinator & Lecturer

Alyssa Pivirotto

Educational and Scholarly Technology Assistant

Cameron Boucher

Educational and Scholarly Technology Assistant


Educational Technology Specialist

Jeff Hopkins

Educational Technology Specialist

Sean M Keenan

Makerspace Coordinator

Bronwen Densmore

Senior Digital Scholarship Specialist

Alice McGrath

Senior Educational Technology Specialist

Christine Boyland

Director of Enterprise Data, Systems, and Interfaces

Vince Patone

Director of Administrative Information Systems

David Sturgis


Ron Colomy


Ann Marie Gallagher


Christine Leinbach


Rhiain Rice


Rebecca Shelton

Senior Systems Analyst

Aaron Tsay

Systems Analyst

Kristi Wenrich

Senior Manager Infrastructure & Systems 


Network & Systems Engineer

Christine Schaffer

Network & Systems Engineer

Matthew Shields

Senior Network Engineer

David Bertagni

Senior Systems Administrator

Michael Johnson

Senior Systems Administrator

Matthew Rice

Senior Systems Administrator & Project Manager

Randal Gustitis

TriCo Digital Library Developer

Howard Ding

TriCo Junior Digital Library Developer

Laurin Penland

Web Services Manager

Diggwynn Lobdell

Web Applications Developer

Michael Harris

Web Designer & Developer

Andrea Kaldrovics

Director of Library Research, Instruction, and Patron Services

Camilla MacKay

Humanities & Media Librarian

Arleen Zimmerle

Patron Services and Circulation Lead

Gillian Baillie

Research and Instruction Librarian and Coordinator of Collier Science Library

Joyce Bryant Angelucci

Social Sciences & Data Librarian

Kate Blinn

Student Success Librarian

Jennifer Coval

Manager of Library Experience and Engagement

Laura Surtees

Library Associate

Sharin Lefevre

Seymour Adelman Director of Special Collections

Janelle Rebel

Collections Manager

Marianne Weldon

College Archivist

Allison Mills

Processing Archivist for College Histories


Curator of Art & Artifacts and Academic Liaison

Carrie Robbins

Curator of Rare Books and Academic Liaison

Marianne Hansen

Digital Collections & Metadata Librarian

Jessica Bright

Special Collections Associate

Maya Frydman

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