Information Security Education

College community members are responsible for reviewing key College policies and completing a series of instructional activities geared towards helping all community members attain mastery of the College’s Information Security Competencies.

Program Cycle

  • Summer: Incoming undergraduate students complete the program before arriving on campus
  • October: All other community members complete the program by 11/1
  • New employees are responsible for completing the program within the first 90 days of employment

Information Security Competencies

This program will help learners:

  • Understand what motivates scammers and why academia is a target
  • Stay vigilant when using their institutional email and mindful of inadvertent disclosures
  • Seek help if they believe they've encountered a phishing scam or malware attack
  • Identify the different types of malware and how it can be delivered to them
  • See that malware, especially ransomware, is an increasing threat
  • Identify best practices for using passwords, including what makes a "good" password and the importance of unique passwords for each website
  • Understand what password managers are and how they work
  • Recognize to use cloud services only when compliant with school policies
  • Be aware of the risks of device theft while traveling
  • Avoid allowing unauthorized access to secured buildings or physical files and electronic devices
  • Recognize the importance of keeping their mobile device's software up-to-date
  • Understand the benefits of using multifactor authentication

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