Meet the Q Mentors

Q Mentors are a dynamic team of exceptional students who are passionate about helping their peers solve quantitative problems.

Nitisha Bhandari '22 | Computer Science.  Nitisha is enthusiastic about traveling, photography, and film. She is down to go on photowalks or explore showcases around the area, so hit her up if you’re interested! When she is not studying or working, she can be found watching TV shows, movies, documentaries, or something stupid on YouTube. Nitisha is a CS major with a Math minor and is also one of the Major Reps for the CS department. She would be delighted to help you with any CS problems you have or answer any questions you have regarding a CS major, your classes, or internships, etc. to the best of her capabilities! :)

Trang Duong '22 | Mathematics. Trang is a Math and Data Science enthusiast. She loves exploring data and trying to make sense of it with modelling. Her favorite sport is running after a frisbee or a blue bus. Trang worked on infectious modelling for COVID-19 during her gap semester, and she would love to talk about it!

Ha Phan '22 | Computer Science.  Ha is a foodie who loves spending time on the Internet watching people cooking or eating yummy food. When she is not a full-time student, she can often be found traveling different parts of the country. Ha is a programmer and would love to help you with any Computer Science problems within her capabilities.

Kirtee Ramo ’22 | Biochemistry and Geology.  Kirtee loves traveling to new places and try different types of foods. When she is not chasing after lantern flies in Cambrian row, she can be found in Park. She loves animals and runs behind dogs every time they come on campus. One fun fact about Kirtee is that she can speak up to 5 languages since she is from a multilingual country. She’ll be most happy to talk to you about spicy food, animals, books and science.

Olga Shevchuk ’22 | Computer Science and Math.  Olga is enthusiastic about exploring the world and learning as many new languages as possible. When she’s not pondering over an algorithm or a challenging mathematical problem, she can be found learning about cinematography, hiking or preparing a market update for Owl Investment Group.

Hurum Maksora Tohfa ‘22 | Physics and Math.  Hurum loves to talk about the universe and believes that it will be possible someday to find a governing equation that will explain all the fundamentals forces of the universe. Apart from physics, she also enjoys conversations about surrealistic paintings and any genre of music.

Linh Tran '22 | Mathematics.  I'm from Hanoi, the beautiful capital of Vietnam. I think cooking and feeding friends are the best ways to de-stress. You name it and I will cook it for you. I also love dressing up every day because it really boosts my confidence and I deserve to look good at all times. It's how I love to express myself!

Saschelle Dalrymple ‘23.  Saschelle’s hometown is New York City and she is very prideful about being from there. She intends to major in Linguistics and Psychology with a possible minor in Japanese. She spends a lot of time listening to music and practicing makeup in her room. She also likes eat snacks, dance and read Webtoon stories.

Jasmin Diaz ‘23 | Math.  Jasmin is from Houston, Texas and loves all things Halloween. She loves listening to music, painting, and laughing with friends. If she isn’t doing hours of homework in her room or in the science building, she can be found dyeing her hair or sitting on the grass by Arncliff. 

Trang Dang ’23 | Computer Science.  Trang loves smoothies, Ghibli movies, and bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Trang also loves taking long walks around the Bryn Mawr Campus, so if you happen to see her three times in a day, she’s just walking, and she’s definitely not following you. On a more serious note, Trang does computational biology research and she would love to talk about what she’s working on!

Raquel Martinez ’23 | Linguistics and Creative Writing.  Raquel is a night owl raised in Nicaragua who spends her time reading anything she can get her hands on (when she isn’t re-reading Harry Potter) and cultivating a passion for creative writing and art. She can be found in her room or in Uncommon Grounds, drinking too much tea and listening to music from a variety of languages. 

Lola Rodriges '23 | Math.  Lola loves math, especially algebra and calculus. Regardless of whether she is doing schoolwork or just relaxing she can usually be found in the comfort of her room. Outside of doing math problems she enjoys listening to music, usually K-pop, watching YouTube videos while eating popcorn, reading, and spending time with friends.

Kamalini Sengupta '23 | Chemistry.  I'm a big gamer! I usually spend most of my money and energy exploring different worlds through video games. I also love my alone time, so when I'm not stressing over how much work I've procrastinated on, I'll be putting my headphones on and relaxing with a hot cup of tea. I'm greatly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience and would love to make you question whether we really exist or just live in a simulation.

Zada Vera ‘23 | Math major, Education minor.  Zada is a person who loves to get her hair and nails done. If she’s not at work, she’s either serving food with her bright green shirt at Erdman or dancing her heart out in the dance studio. 


Sophia Ou ’22 | Math and Psychology.  Sophia is thrilled to join the Q Center this year. She enjoys mathematical modeling, working in the psychology lab, and learning new languages. When she’s not studying, you can always find her re-watching Lord of The Rings with her friends or taking pictures of her newly adopted cat Alan.

Rem Aitbouchireb ‘21 | English.  Rem is delighted to be working as both a Student Manager and TA for the Q Center! Rem has a love for learning new languages and teaching. When she is not busy traveling (pre-Covid) around the states to compete at debate tournaments, she can be found baking, taking photoshoots, setting up picnics, reading, or spending time with her new kitty, Mochi. Rem has a love for traveling the world and is invested in International Politics. She hopes to one day pursue a career in law and open a school in her hometown, Morocco. Outside of working for the Q Center, Rem is President of the Bryn Mawr Speech and Debate team and President of Bryn Mawr’s Self-Government Association.

Zainab Batool ’21 | Computer Science.  Zainab is a Bollywood enthusiast who can usually be found working on her computer or watching Netflix on her computer or chatting with friends on.... you guessed it right- her computer! Perhaps fittingly, she is a computer science major (and tutor). Also a major foodie and self-proclaimed champ of all-nighters and eating anything spicy.

Victoria Borodina ’21 | Biology and Economics.  Victoria is excited to be working at the Q Center for the third year. Originally from Russia, Siberia, Victoria lived in Los Angeles before coming to Bryn Mawr, but considers herself a full-on East Coast transplant. She enjoys exploring coffee shops around the world, watching and discussing theater productions, and working out. Victoria hopes to help you explore your (perhaps not yet uncovered) passions for quantitative subjects!

Katja Giebmanns ’21 | Food Studies.  Katja is an independent major, who designed her major to reflect her interests in political and anthropological foodways. You can often find Katja and her easel set up in nearby parks as she escapes the indoors to paint. If she isn’t choreographing for the German Department’s (Schuhplattler) dance group, she is probably en route in the Wyndham van to set up for a campus event. Katja and her friends’ favorite way to decompress is by watching a movie in the Rhoads common room while sharing olives and a baguette from the local farmers market.

Lillian Hunter ’21 | Economics and Public Health Policy (Ind) majors, Math minor.  A big fan of the em-dash, Lillian is an avid gardener and baker.  When not picking tomatoes or piping choux, she enjoys folk music and coffee.  After “hoping to never take another math class again” her freshman year, she is thrilled to be able to support her fellow students in their quantitative work. 

Hien Nguyen ’21 | Economics and Math.  Hien is excited to continue supporting students in their quantitative work as a Peer Mentor for the third year. When she is not a full-time student or part-time on-campus student worker, Hien is an enthusiast of museum/bookshop trips and shows/series binge watching. She is passionate about helping anyone with anything in her capabilities, be it a quantitative problem or choosing the best color for your next hair dye.

My My Tang ’21 | Chemistry.  My My is a tea enthusiast who loves reading, vlogging, and spending an excessive amount of time on Yelp deciding on the next best bubble tea place and bakery shop to visit. When she is not studying or running an experiment in her research lab, you can find her helping out at the local food bank or playing cardboard games with kids at a nearby elementary school.