Man wearing safety glasses working with equipment in the machine shop
CNC / Manual Milling Machines:
CNC 2 axis (x&y) knee mill with a 34" x 15" table cutting area; 
this mill has head-tilting capabilities in two directions.
CNC 3 axis (x, y, & z) bed mill with a 15" x 15" table cutting area.
Supermax Type 2 vertical/horizontal mill with a 13' x 40" table cutting area.
Lathes Band Saws
Okuma 24" swing x 48" long machine lathe 36" Throat Grob vertical band saw
Hardinge 10" swing x 14" long instrument lathe with taper cutting attachment 12" Wells horizontal cutoff saw
Hand Tools Sheet Metal Tooling Equipment
18V & 24V hand drills 48" Shear
SawZall 36" & 48" Break
Hand grinders  
Heat guns  
Other Shop Equipment
Drill presses High-speed mini-drill press, 16,000 RPMs
Harig 6" x 18' surface grinder Pedestal grinder
Sandblaster/glass beaded Parts tumbler/polisher
Miller welder — TIG/Stick, 300Amp AC/DC Power miter box
Hypertherm plasma cutter — 1" thick max steel capacity
Oxygen/acetylene tanks and torch Spot welder
20-ton shop press comparator
Table saw Radial arm saw
Materials Used in the Shop
Metals: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, steel, and some specialty metals.
Ceramics: machineable.
Plastic: all types of plastics and polymers.
Type: sheets, rods, tubing, wire cloth.
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