Chemical Ordering and Pick-up

Please adhere to the policies listed below:

1. The use of the Quartzy inventory system has not altered current ordering policies. Orders still are placed in the same way.

2. Chemical deliveries come through the Campus Mailroom and are generally delivered to the Park Science Complex to Room 101 at about 12 and 3 pm.  The Instrument Specialist will take the chemical packages for inventory.  All other non-chemical packages will remain in Room 101 for pickup by the owner of the packages.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CHEMICAL PACKAGES UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN INVENTORIED.  

3. The Instrument Specialist will open the packages and remove the chemical containers, making sure that the packing list matches the received goods and there is no damaged or leaking containers.  If there are issues, the person who ordered the chemicals will be notified immediately.  

4. The chemical containers will be entered in to the inventory using the Quartzy program.  Each container will be affixed with a barcode sticker.  Chemicals deemed too hazardous to be taken out of their packages will still get a barcode label. The label will be taped to the outside of the shipping container. Once safely in the lab and opened in the appropriate conditions, the end user will apply the barcode label on the bottle.

5. Once entered in the inventory, the chemical containers will be placed back into their shipping packages and transferred to the appropriate laboratory or individual.  If the chemical owner cannot be located, the chemical will be stored as appropriate and the owner will be contacted via email as to the location of the chemical.

If you have any questions regarding the chemical inventory process or need access to the inventory, please contact Paul Hintz at or x7488.

Paul Hintz, Ph.D.
Instrument Specialist

Bryn Mawr College
Park 178A


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