Mission Statement

The Staff Association's mission is twofold: to provide formal lines of communication between staff members, College administration, and other members of the College community; and to provide forums in which staff members can discuss and learn more about College policies, procedures, and employment conditions.

Staff Association Working Groups

Any staff member can join one or more working groups. 

  • Communications: Updates website, advertises Staff Association activities and events.
  • Ways and Means: Facilitates administrative functions including membership, budget, and schedules.
  • Staff Appreciation: Promotes and reviews nominations for the Staff Association Staff Award; plans events for Staff Appreciation.

Staff Association Representation on College Committees

Administrative Office Heads Committee
Benefits Committee
Board of Trustees Committee
Budget Committee
Retirement Investment Committee

Meeting Minutes

Meet the 2022 Staff Association Executive Council

Christine D'Ascenzo (2024, 1st term), Pat Healy (2024, 2nd term), Jennifer Russell (2024, 1st term)

Joyce Angelucci (2022, 1st term)
Christine Boyland (2024, 1st term)
Diane Gentry (2022, 1st term)
Rachel Heiser (2022, 1st term)
Rod Matthews (2024, 1st term)
Maria Ocando Finol (2024, 1st term)
Sakinah Rahman (2024, 1st term)
Marianne Smith (2024, 1st term)

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