Workplace Advisors

Bryn Mawr College is committed to providing its employees, including all faculty and staff members, with an equitable and respectful work environment. 

While we hope that every workday is positive and productive, in any workplace, including Bryn Mawr, sometimes frustration, tension and conflict occur. Such workplace issues may transpire between co-workers, between a staff and faculty member, between a faculty member and student, or between employees and their supervisors, among other examples. When these situations arise, staff and faculty may choose to work it out themselves or they may wish to avail themselves of the help of others at the College. 

Staff and faculty who wish to enlist the help of another individual should call upon their supervisor or department chair, respectively, for guidance and support. If staff or faculty are uncomfortable approaching their supervisor or department chair (or if they are the source of the issue), there are a number of options available. 

Faculty and staff may choose to talk with a Workplace Advisor who can provide valuable listening, consultation, support and advocacy. Workplace Advisors will serve in the following roles: 

  • Provide a confidential and “off-the-record” place for discussing workplace issues. 
  • Offer guidance on approaching or resolving an issue. 
  • Provide information on resources and options for navigating College policies and procedures. 
  • Serve as a mediator, discussion facilitator, advocate and/or supportive presence in conflict resolution or in the resolution of the workplace issue. 
  • Be a supportive presence in conflict resolution or in the resolution of the workplace issue by the appropriate College administrator. 
  • Serve as a first point of contact if faculty/staff members are unsure where to go for particular information. 

Staff are not required to consult only with Workplace Advisors who are staff, and faculty are not limited to consulting only a fellow faculty member. The individual with the concern elects with whom they want to share their concern, though it is advised that they not select a Workplace Advisor who has immediate or ultimate supervisory responsibility for themselves or for the other faculty/staff member involved in the concern to avoid the perception that the Workplace Advisor is biased. 

Staff and faculty may contact Workplace Advisors using the information below; there is no shared phone number or email address for Workplace Advisors.

Workplace Advisors

(Bios further below)

Greg Davis (Semester II)
Associate Professor of Biology 

Gabrielle Gary
Director of Alumnae/i Engagement 

Alice Lesnick
Chair and Term Professor, Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Department; Associate Dean for Global Engagement 

Rod Matthews 
Multimedia Coordinator 

Doanh Wang
Senior Lecturer and Tennis Coach


Greg Davis

Greg Davis

-Currently an associate professor in the Biology Department, where he has previously served as Chair and played other roles since arriving at the College in 2008.

-Is fascinated by embryos and the evolution of life, especially among insects, as well as the history of biology.

-Has a background in experiential and wilderness-based education.

-Has served as both a Posse and STEMLA mentor and plays an active role in efforts to foster inclusion within STEM education at the College.

-Deeply values working relationships and is looking forward to opportunities to engage with colleagues across the College.

Gabrielle Gary

Gabrielle Gary

-Joined the Alumnae/i Relations and Development (ARD) team in 2017 as the Associate Director of Affinity Programming and now as the Director of Alumnae/i Relations.

-In 2019, she served on the ARD Team's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and was recognized, along with her colleagues, for innovation in this space. After a brief pause from this group, in 2023, she rejoined the recently renamed Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Access Committee.

-Values every opportunity to partner and collaborate with other departments outside of her own. Enjoys connecting with colleagues, especially over food or tea.

-In addition to her Master's in Nonprofit Leadership, Gabrielle is a certified yoga instructor and holds an associate of science degree in culinary arts.

-Served on local community boards, including Cheltenham African American Alliance, Christ Church Preservation Trust, University of Pennsylvania Nonprofit Leadership Alumni Board, as well as the Alumni Executive Board for Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

Alice Lesnick

Alice Lesnick

-Extensive engagement in the field of education, with a focus on learning, listening, and integrating various points of view. 

-Trained/experienced in active listening, intercultural communication, mentoring, conflict coaching, dialogue facilitation, and mediation.

-Longtime Bryn Mawr community member with experience in a range of roles and collaborations. 

-Chair and Term Professor, Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Department; Associate Dean for Global Engagement.

Portrait of Rodney

Rod Matthews

-Known to the Bryn Mawr community for his work in resolving disputes with compassion and calm. 

-Outspoken, spirited community motivator who understands the true value of face-to-face human communication. 

-Served on numerous boards and committees in the Chester County area to promote positive change. Examples include organizations providing for under-served children, youth and adults in the West Chester area; “West Chester Dance Works” community outreach through dance; and other faith-based organizations providing community support to nursing and assisted living facilities, as well as to the elderly and shut-in.   

-Serves as a technical consultant to public and private organizations.  

-College community member for 20 years. 

-Multimedia and Technical Services staff member.   

Doanh Wang

Doanh Wang

-First generation immigrant (proudly identifying as a Boat Person) and college graduate.

-Worked in community-based organizations and non-profits (e.g. Urban League, 4H, community learning centers).

-Transitioned to full-time college tennis coaching in 2005.

-Senior Lecturer in Athletics and Physical Education, Head Tennis Coach.