Executive Council of the Staff Association

Representatives and officers are elected to three-year terms. Elections are held every fall to fill open seats.


Pat Healy: (2024, 2nd term) Academic Administrative Assistant, Old Library 103, x5332, phealy@brynmawr.edu

Christine D’Ascenzo: (2024, 1st term) Executive Assistant and Enrollment Department Coordinator, Gateway 106, x5154 cdascenzo@brynmawr.edu

Jennifer Russell: (2024 1st term) Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Gateway 103, x 7473 jrussell@brynmawr.edu

Executive Council

Joyce Angelucci:  (2022,1st term) Resident Librarian in the Sciences, Park, x7462, jangelucci@brynmawr.edu

Christine Boyland: (2024, 1st term) Senior Educational Technology Specialist, Canaday Library 300, x7448, cboyland@brynmawr.edu

Angela Dowdy: (2022, 1st term) Field Education Office Program Coordinator and Digital Communications Specialist, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, x2605, adowdy@brynmawr.edu

Diane Gentry: (2022, 1st term) Associate Director of Prospect Development, Helfarian, x5124, dgentry@brynmawr.edu

Rachel Heiser: (2022, 1st term) Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Support Services, Guild 104, x5375, rheiser@brynmawr.edu

Rod Matthews: (2024, 1st term) Multimedia Coordinator, Merion Basement, x7449, rmatthew@brynmawr.edu

Maria Ocando Finol(2024 1st term) Educational Technology Specialist – LITS, Canaday 300, x5479, mocandofin@brynmawr.edu

Sakinah Rahman: (2024 1st term), Director of Administrative Services, Taylor Hall, X7965, srahman1@brynmawr.edu

Marianne Smith: (2024, 1st term) Utility Housekeeper, Ward Building, x7929, mssmith7@brynmawr.edu

*Interim representatives have 1-year terms, during which they are asked to fill a vacancy until the next Staff Association elections, when they may run for the standard three-year term. This is done to ensure full membership on the Executive Council in the event that a representative is not able to complete their term. Executive Council members also serve on various committees and working groups, as listed below.

Staff Association Working Groups

Communications Working Group
Joyce Angelucci, Angela Dowdy, Maria Ocando Finol, Jennifer Russell, Marianne Smith

Community Relations Working Group
Rod Matthews, Marianne Smith

Staff Appreciation Working Group
Angela Dowdy, Pat Healy

Ways and Means Working Group
Chris Boyland, Christine D'Ascenzo, Diane Gentry, Sakinah Rahman

College Committee Participants

Representatives to the Administrative Office Heads (AOH)
Joyce Angelucci, Pat Healy, Jennifer Russell, Marianne Smith

Representatives to the Budget Committee (meets three times per year)
Christine Boyland, Christine D'Ascenzo, Sakinah Rahman

Representatives to the Benefits Committee (meets one time per year)
Christine Boyland, Christine D'Ascenzo, Maria Ocando Finol

Representatives to the Board of Trustees (meets in October, February and April)
Christine D’Ascenzo, Pat Healy, Christine Boyland (alternate)

Retirement Investments (meets quarterly)
Christine Boyland, Christine D'Ascenzo, Maria Ocando Finol, Sakinah Rahman