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Bryn Mawr faculty play an important role in inspiring and guiding the international component of students' undergraduate study. Major advisers provide support and guidance to students who wish to integrate study abroad into their academic careers at Bryn Mawr. In addition, faculty play a crucial role in proposing and evaluating study abroad programs.

Approving Courses Abroad for the Major/Minor

Students may study abroad in the fall or spring term of junior year, or in some cases for both terms of junior year. It is critical, therefore, that their plans include a strategy for fulfilling major requirements. We encourage students who plan to study abroad to speak to their faculty advisers early in their Bryn Mawr careers about how best to schedule courses at Bryn Mawr to allow for a well-integrated semester or year abroad.

Students who wish to take courses abroad to count towards their major requirements need to have the specific courses approved by the major adviser in the students’ major department. This approval may take place either before or after the term abroad. Students should have a preliminary discussion before their semester abroad and the adviser should make a note in the student's online Major Work Plan of what courses taken abroad count towards the major. Generally, one to two units, at the 200-level, count as electives within the major. Only courses approved by the major department can be counted toward the major.


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