How to Apply

Applying to Study Abroad

 Applying to study abroad is a two-step process during your sophomore year.  First, you must apply for BMC approval to study abroad by the required deadline.  Next, when you have received approval through BMC, you must apply for admission to the program of your choice.

The application is located in the BMC Students Menu of BiONiC (click here for screenshots).  The application must be submitted by the appropriate deadline (December or February, depending on your program).  The application asks you to identify your program and term of study.  In addition, there are several short reflection questions that provide an opportunity for you to communicate your reasons for your program choice, your plans and your goals. For each question, you may write up to 250 words. It is recommended that you type your responses in a Word document and copy and paste them into the study abroad application.

As part of your Sophomore Plan, you should discuss with your dean how study abroad fits into your academic plan to complete your degree. The College-Wide Requirements Plan you fill out with your dean should indicate whether you plan to study abroad.  Students applying for Early Application programs should complete this step by the December deadline; for all other students, it must be completed by the general Sophomore Plan deadlines.

Before receiving final approval for study abroad, you must have declared your major.  You must also have your major adviser submit a Study Abroad Major Adviser Evaluation Form, found in the Study Abroad box at the bottom of your Major Work Plan in your Student Center in BiONiC. Please note that your major adviser must give specific approval for the particular program and term of study (Fall, Spring, or Full Year) to which you are applying. Students applying for Early Application programs must complete this step by the December deadline; for all other students, it must be completed by the general Sophomore Plan deadlines. (Students majoring at Haverford should have their advisers complete the Study Abroad Major Adviser Evaluation form instead.) 

If you are a double major, you only need to ask the adviser listed for Major 1 in your Major Work Plan to complete the form. It is your responsibility to inform the adviser for your second major of your study abroad plans.

Application Review Process and Timeline


  • All study abroad applications are carefully reviewed by the Study Abroad Committee. 
  • The Committee is guided in its review by the Eligibility Requirements
  • The Committee notifies students of their acceptance status in January and March.  
  • While review is pending, the Committee will communicate with students about how and when to submit external applications.


The application dates for studying abroad in the 24-25 Academic Year are as follows:

  • Nov. 15, 2023: Application on BiONiC opens
  • Dec. 1, 2023: Early Application Programs Deadline (Oxford, LSE, Kings College London, Duke ICCS, DIS, SIT IHP, BCSP, Exchange Partner Institutions - Sciences Po, Tsuda, Keio, NTU, Aber, Spelman College), Full Year
  • Feb. 15, 2024: Application deadline: all other approved programs, Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 
  • March 15, 2024: Applicants notified of acceptance 
  • April 1, 2024: Study Abroad Pre-Departure Moodle Page Live

Keep In Mind

Bryn Mawr students who are eligible to study abroad typically do so for one semester in the fall of the junior year. Students who hope to study abroad for the spring semester or for a full year must meet certain criteria.

  1. Criteria for Spring Study Abroad
    A limited number of spring spaces will be available for students whose academic or athletic commitments require their presence on campus in the fall. If you are to study abroad in the spring semester, the application will ask you to indicate the reason you are unable to study abroad in the fall semester. 

  2. Criteria for Full-Year Study Abroad
    Only foreign language majors or students applying to Oxford or LSE may study abroad for the full academic year. The Study Abroad Committee will consider requests for exceptions to this policy from students who present a compelling academic plan for a full year of immersion on a program central to their academic interests.


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