When does the Writing Center open for the semester?
It opens on the Monday of the second week of classes and closes on the last day of classes.

Is the Writing Center open during final exams?
About half of the staff continues working during finals. At the end of the semester, check the white board in the Writing Center or the login page of the online schedule for the names and contact info of available tutors. Set up an appointment by contacting the tutor directly rather than using the online schedule.

Is the Writing Center for me?

I'm a great writer. Is the Writing Center for me?
Yes! All writers can benefit from the feedback of an interested reader. In fact, most professional writers--including your professors--show their work to others in order to improve it.

Does the Writing Center see students who aren't first-years?
Yes! The Writing Center sees students from all class years.

What kind of help can I get?

Do you help with scientific or non-humanities writing?
Yes! We offer tutorials for writing in all disciplines. Staff members are trained to respond to writing outside of their majors, and some tutors, because of their major or coursework, specialize in non-humanities writing. Check out the Meet the Staff page or the staff roster posted on the wall in the Writing Center to learn about our tutors’ special skills.

Do you help with non-academic writing?
Yes! We help with all different kinds of writing tasks, including personal statements for graduate or professional schools (law school, medical school, etc.), applications for internships, and applications for funding. We don't help with resumes, though.

Do you help with foreign language papers?
Yes, if we have a tutor on staff who is fluent in the language. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the online schedule to view the hours of foreign language tutors. Please note: we only help with writing assignments for upper-level foreign language courses, and you need to try to converse with the tutor in the target language for at least part of the conference.

Do you help with creative writing?
If you're clear about the kind of help you want with your creative writing, we may be able to assist. Some staff members have a special interest in helping students of creative writing; areas of specialization are listed on the staff roster posted on the wall in the Writing Center.

My professor says I really need to work on grammar. Will the Writing Center help me with this?
Yes! We won't fix your grammar for you, but we will teach you how to find and fix errors on your own. Students who use the Writing Center consistently will make steady progress from semester to semester. Or, email the director, Jen Callaghan, to ask about the "Grammar Squad," a 6-week writing partnership for students who want to work exclusively on grammar, mechanics, and style.

What if I need help with study skills?
We sometimes end up helping with skills related to academic writing, such as time management, critical reading strategies, or the basics of library research. However, we're not the main resource on campus for study skills. For non-writing-related study skills (for example, how to study effectively for a foreign language or math class), contact a Peer Mentor. If you're having trouble in a particular class, contact the professor and your dean.

Making Appointments

I love my tutor! Can I work with the same person every time?
Theoretically, yes, but our schedule fills up quickly, and it's unlikely that your favorite tutor will always be available. Try working with another member of the staff--you'll probably find a few more "favorites"!

I just got the assignment and don’t have a draft yet. Can I still come to the Writing Center?
Yes! Lots of writers visit to talk through ideas with a friendly conversation partner.

Can I talk about more than one assignment during the conference?
No. We take pride in the care we give to each assignment.

Is there a limit to how often I can use the Center?
Yes. Students may have a maximum of one conference per day, and they can meet with a tutor up to twice per week. It's important to have time to work on your paper between visits and to ensure that everyone has a chance to book an appointment at the Writing Center.

What if I have a suggestion for the Writing Center?
Tell your tutor or contact Prof. Callaghan, Director of the Writing Center.

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