Ariana Orvell

Assistant Professor of Psychology
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Phone 610-526-5024
Location Bettws Y Coed 306



Ariana Orvell (B.A. Columbia University; MA.T Relay Graduate School of Education; Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a social psychologist, although she also integrates perspectives from developmental, cognitive, and clinical psychology. Her research centers on identifying basic mechanisms that allow people to effectively regulate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She focuses on identifying tools that are "hidden in plain sight," within the words people use to reflect on the self, the relationships they maintain, and the way they interact with their environments. She then aims to leverage this knowledge to improve self-control and well-being outside the lab. She uses a broad set of methods to enrich her understanding of how a phenomenon operates across different levels of analysis, including experiments, experience sampling, and quasi-field experiments.