Susan A. White

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
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Postdoctoral research, Yale University.
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University.
A.B., Dartmouth University.

Areas of Focus

Chemistry and biological chemistry


My research interests are in the area of RNA structure, stability, and protein binding. Biologically interesting RNA molecules are composed of helical regions containing standard Watson-Crick base pairs as well as internal and hairpin loops which contain unpaired nucleotides. Our goal is to understand how some of these irregular structural features contribute to the thermodynamic stability of the RNA molecule and function as sites for protein recognition. The messenger RNA for yeast ribosomal protein L30 (formerly called L32) contains an intron that must be removed before L30 can be produced. Normally, the newly produced L30 protein is immediately incorporated into new ribosomes, but when no new ribosomes are being assembled the L30 protein binds to the RNA intron ssequence. The result is that the intron is not removed from the RNA, and no additional L30 protein is produced. Several features of this feedback, or autoregulation, system are of interest. First, the RNA is composed of two rather weak helices separated by an internal loop composed of purines. Our group has verified the existence of these two helices and has shown that the internal loop is the site of protein binding (Ref 2). Furthermore, using a combinatorial approach we have shown that two GA sequences are required for protein binding (Ref 5). It is known that hydrogen bonding is possible between purines and that purines also have a strong propensity to stack on each other. Thermal denaturation experiments have shown that the purines in the internal loop are responsible for the cooperativity of the transition to the completely single-stranded state (Ref. 1). The structure of the L30 RNA:protein complex has recently been determined by NMR and supports our biochemical data (Ref 7). All but two of the internal loop nucleotides are stacked and the two remaining nucleotides jut into the protein. The RNA:protein interface is unusually intimate and we are currently making protein mutations to asses the thermodynamic contributions of the interface residues (Ref 7-9). A new crystallographic structure shows that L30 RNA forms a kink-turn structure when bound to protein (Ref. 9-10).


Crystallographic structure


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Research Support

  • NIH AREA--1993-1996
  • NSF CAREER--1996-2001
  • NSF POWRE--1998
  • NIH AREA--2001-2004
  • Mellon Foundation and AAAS/WISC sabbatical support 2002-2003
  • TWAS Visiting Scientist 2004