Policy Guidelines

Guidelines for the Open Access Policy

To submit a paper for inclusion in Bryn Mawr's open access institutional repository (Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work at Bryn Mawr College), email it to repository@brynmawr.edu. You can also upload the article yourself by creating and/or logging in to your account in the repository and uploading it yourself.

How does the policy work?

The policy grants to Bryn Mawr College specific nonexclusive permissions to Bryn Mawr College for any scholarly article that a faculty member completes; you retain the copyright in the article and can exercise your rights in any way, including transfering copyright to a publisher. Bryn Mawr will post the final text of each article in Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work at Bryn Mawr College.

What kind of article is covered?

Scholarly articles, that is, publications that scholars give to the world without expectation of payment, for the sake of inquiry and knowledge (see the Budapest Open Access Initiative). Such articles are typically presented in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and conference proceedings. Falling outside the scope of the policy are other types of scholarly communication, including books, commissioned articles, editorials, blog posts, popular writings, fiction, poetry, or pedagogical materials, although these materials can be included in the repository at the discretion of the author.

Who is responsible for providing the article? When and how should it be submitted?

Scholarly articles in electronic format (Word, PDF) should be submitted by the date of publication, by the author or by the author's designate (a departmental administrator, for example). The article submitted should be the final, peer-reviewed text of the article.

There may be additional rights in the publisher's definitive version (the published PDF), and this version does not necessarily fall within the policy. However, should the publisher allow the publisher's PDF to be uploaded, that version can be used.

What about third party material (images, for example)?

If you seek permission to use third-party material in an article, the permission should allow the material to be used in all forms and media, including in Bryn Mawr's open access repository. Third-party material may also be incorporated in your article under fair use. Please contact Camilla MacKay for assistance in determining rights.

What about articles published before the policy was adopted?

The policy only applies to articles completed after December 11, 2013, but it may be possible to make older articles available through the repository. Contact Camilla MacKay, Scholarly Communications Librarian (cmackay@brynmawr.edu), with questions.

What if a publisher refuses to publish an article because of the open access policy?

The publisher may have specific concerns that can be addressed (for instance, placing a limited embargo on the article). You can also submit a request for an automatic waiver.

What if I sign an agreement that conflicts with the policy by transferring exclusive rights to a publisher?

The policy grants a nonexclusive license to Bryn Mawr prior to signing the contract, so the license would still be in force. It may be possible to negotiate with the publisher to change the agreement, or you can opt out for the article by requesting a waiver.

What if a co-author objects to the terms of the policy and wants to opt out?

Each author in a jointly authored work owns the copyright and has the right to grant a nonexclusive permission to others. Should you choose to accommodate a co-author who objects, you can submit a request for an automatic waiver.

I already make my scholarship available through another site. What about open access through Academia.edu and ResearchGate?

Social media sites can be a good way of sharing scholarship, but they are quite different from an open access repository. This is a good discussion of the differences.