Russian Language Institute

Russian Language Institute: an 8-week summer intensive Russian Language Program that runs from early June to late July or early August.

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RLI 2024: June 5 - July 31

The Russian Language Institute offers a highly focused curriculum and a study environment conducive to the rapid development of the four language skills (oral, listening, writing, reading) as well as cultural competence. Course offerings are designed to accommodate a full range of language learners, from the beginner to the advanced level. Through the highly intensive course work and cultural activities, students receive the equivalent of an academic year of college-level intensive Russian in 8 weeks. The program draws participants from a broad spectrum of academic fields, occupations, ages, and interests.

The program is open to students of all genders over the age of 16 who are at the high school, undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate level. Most students complete the full 8-week program, but a 4-week option is also available.*

*Students wishing to enroll in the 4-week program must enroll in the first 4-week session. The second 4-week session is a continuation of the first 4-week session. Those who wish to enroll in the second 4-week session must have prior approval from the program's co-directors.

“The intensive atmosphere definitely helped me advance linguistically. Burying my summer in Bryn Mawr’s immersion program allowed me to grow as well as build relationships in cross-cultural experiences.” —Bellara Huang, RLI '14 and '15 Participant

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