The Workshops

The Summer Syllabus Workshop Sequence presents the opportunity for new and existing faculty to enhance their focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in the context of attending to specifics of institutional cultures.

The 90-minute Discussion-Based Workshops:

  • Focus on building syllabi in the context of the BiCo
  • Arise from participants' specific interests and questions
  • Include sharing of relevant frameworks and institutional characteristics
  • Support cross-talk with colleagues and students consultants

2022 Workshop Schedule:

  • Session 1: June 30th 11:30-1 pm EST Virtual

  • Session 2: July 27th 10-11:30 am EST In-Person | 12:30pm-2 pm EST Virtual

  • Session 3: August 29th 1- 3 pm EST,  during BMC New Faculty Orientation

Participants can join one, two, or 3 sessions. During the third one, which takes place during new faculty orientation, participants will be invited to share a semi-final draft of a syllabus with a colleague in another field.

Interested in participating in the Summer Workshop Sequence? 

To find out more or sign-up for an upcoming Summer Syllabus Workshop Sequence, please contact Kelly Zuckerman,, or Chanelle Wilson,

Kelly Gavin Zuckerman
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator 

Chanelle Wilson
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator