Tools and Resources

Resources: seeking, winding, and climbing with the resources available in your environment .

The resources on these pages are organized to support you as you design, or redesign, your syllabi.

Emergent questions to consider during the syllabus design process:

  • What are the most important purposes/functions of a syllabus?

  • Are any of these in conflict with one another?  If so, how do or how might you address these conflicts?

  • What/who are the various audiences for your syllabus, and how do you mediate them in the text?

  • Who or what is privileged by your syllabus? Who or what is obscured, eclipsed, excised?

  • How do you imagine students using/interacting with/challenging/informing your syllabus?


Kelly Gavin Zuckerman
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator 

Chanelle Wilson
Syllabus Workshop Facilitator