Information for Majors

Major Advisors

  • Class of 2023: 
    Fall 2023 Professor Melissa Pashigian
    Spring 2023 Professor Amanda Weidman
  • Class of 2024:
    Professor Casey Barrier
  • Class of 2025:
  • Maja Seselj

Student Major Representatives

Your elected Anthropology Senior Major Reps for academic year 2021-22 are Clara Chamorro ( and Mia Ng (

Four Field Approach to Anthropology

Please consult this chart [DOC] to see how the department's required and elective courses map onto four major areas of anthropology: biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, anthropological archaeology, and linguistic anthropology and performance.

Declaring the Major

Please see the Dean's Office site for detailed information on declaring a major. The Sophomore Planning Process site is especially helpful.

Letters of Recommendation

Anthropology majors/minors who wish to request a letter of recommendation for graduate school, internships, fieldwork opportunities, or jobs should aim to request the letter at least three weeks in advance of the application deadline.

When you contact a faculty member to request the letter, please attach your latest resume or CV; a list of all programs/jobs you are applying for, with associated deadlines; a draft of your application essay, personal statement, and/or cover letter; and complete information on how the letter must be submitted (e.g., via email, online application system, snail mail, etc).

When requesting letters of recommendation, students are advised to submit the following form to the recommender, along with the above materials:  


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