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In the Kung Lab, our aim is to gain molecular insight into enzyme function by determining and examining their three-dimensional structures. By studying enzyme structures using X-ray crystallography while characterizing their functions with complementary biochemical techniques, we can develop a chemical understanding of enzyme catalysis.

Enzyme systems of particular interest include those that are involved in the biosynthesis of molecules that are useful to society, such as drug or biofuel compounds. With a deep awareness of how an enzyme’s structure dictates its function, we may even attempt to engineer the enzyme in order to alter its function, allowing us to design modified enzymes that are tailor-made to possess enhanced functionality or to produce more desirable drugs or biofuels.

We collect X-ray diffraction data at synchrotron facilities, including the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. Our research is funded by the National Institutes of Health (GM116029), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Bryn Mawr College.

The Kung Lab believes in the value of diversity and fosters an inclusive research and learning environment. We embrace all people regardless of their identified or perceived race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or other characteristic.

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