Independent Study

Students can pursue independent study as supervised work provided a professor agrees to supervise the work. Students can propose to carry out an independent study in any area of computer science that is not available as a regular course. Students should prepare an independent study proposal in consultation with the professor prior to the semester when such a study is to be carried out. The proposal should include the scope of the study, the goals to be accomplished, and identify text(s) or reading materials for the study. It should also include a list of clearly defined deliverables on which the student's grade will be assessed. It is expected that students enrolled in an independent study course will devote at least three to six hours of formal study each week and also hold regular weekly meetings with their supervising professor. The proposal should be submitted to the Department Chair for approval prior to registration. After a proposal is approved, the student can register in CS 403 to get course credit.

Except for special circumstances, CS 403 may not be counted as an elective towards fulfilling the requirements for a Major or Minor in Computer Science.