The Major and the Minor

The Dance Minor

Requirements (6 units of coursework):

  • ARTD 140 Approaches to Dance: Themes and Perspectives
  • ARTD 142 Dance Composition: Process and Presence or ARTD 242 Dance Composition: Elements and Craft
  • One full credit of technique or ensemble (two semester-long courses at .5 per semester), which may be distributed among the following: ARTD B136, 137, 138, 139, 141, 143, 230, 231, 232, 330, 331, or 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350.
  • Three elective full credits. One credit, with the advisor’s approval, may be selected from allied Tri-Co departments or programs. Students must consult with the dance faculty regarding their course of study.

The Dance Independent Major A.B.

After consulting with the Dance Program, well-qualified students may submit a proposal to major in dance through the Independent Major Program. The proposal must include a written document of explanation and reflect a coherent and structured plan of study moving progressively towards advanced work and engagement. Students should be able to demonstrate competence at least at the intermediate level of a technique prior to application.

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Requirements (11 units of coursework):

  • ARTD 140 Approaches to Dance: Themes and Perspectives
  • One additional dance studies course
  • ARTD 142 Dance Composition: Process and Presence
  • ARTD 242 Dance Composition: Elements and Craft
  • One .5 technique course each semester after declaring the major distributed among ARTD 138, 141, 230, 231, 232, 330, and 331 and participation in at least one ensemble if accepted at the audition (equivalent to 2-3 credits).
  • Senior capstone experience (choreographic, research, praxis) The senior capstone should reflect the student’s interest and trajectory in dance. It must be a substantial piece of work and can take many forms. It can be a choreographic work performed live; a research or theoretical paper; a screendance project; an interdisciplinary project; a community-based project. Other options are possible and can be discussed with the faculty advisor (1credit).
  • Sufficient electives in dance to complete the required eleven units of credit (two electives in the major may be approved courses from allied Tri-Co departments or other departments).
  • Two writing attentive courses. Most of the dance studies courses are writing-attentive and will count towards this.

Notes: Students wishing to minor or major in dance should aim to complete at least one Dance Composition course (ARTD 142 or ARTD 242) by spring of their second year.

Those who are planning to do a semester abroad in the junior year, should take Approaches to Dance (ARTD 140) in a timely manner as it is required for both the minor and the major.


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