Tri-Co Environmental Studies Minor

At Bryn Mawr, the Tri-Co Environmental Studies Minor is housed within the Johanna Alderfer Harris Environmental Studies Department.

The minor program brings together scholars and students from across the natural and social sciences and the humanities, allowing students and faculty to explore the interactions among earth systems, human societies, and local and global environments.  A central goal for all students completing an Environmental Studies Minor is to become adept at approaching environmental issues from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and to be able to work with others across disciplinary boundaries.

Students may complete the Environmental Studies Minor along with any major at Bryn Mawr, Haverford or Swarthmore College. Specific questions about completing the minor with your particular major should be directed to your major advisor and to the Environmental Studies director at your home campus.

The structure of the Tri-Co Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary Minor is as follows:

1. A required introductory course to be taken prior to the senior year.  This may be ENVS 101 at Bryn Mawr or Haverford, or the parallel course at Swarthmore College (ENVS 001).  Any one of these courses will satisfy the requirement, and students may take no more than one such course for credit toward the minor.

2. Four elective course credits from approved lists of core and cognate courses, including two credits in each of two categories: Natural Sciences, Math and Engineering (A), and Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (B). No more than one cognate course credit may be used for each category (see approved course lists for more information about cognate courses; cognate courses are designated with an *), and at least one of the courses in category A must have a lab.

3. An advanced elective course in the study of the environment, from any division, that is at the 300-level (or its equivalent) or higher. Beginning with the class of 2020, ES minors are no longer required to take the senior capstone (ENVS 397 in the Bi-Co or ENVS 097 at Swarthmore).

2018-19 Contacts

Bryn Mawr College, Contact - Don Barber (

Haverford College, Department Chair - Helen White (

Swarthmore College, Coordinator - Eric Jensen (


Contact Us

Bi-Co Environmental Studies

Chair for AY 2022-23, Bryn Mawr Point of Contact, Bi-Co Environmental Studies
Don Barber, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Geology, on the Harold Alderfer Chair in Environmental Studies, Bryn Mawr College | 610-526-5110

Haverford Point of Contact, Bi-Co Environmental Studies
Jon Wilson, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Haverford College

Temporary contact for Environmental Studies:
Kim O'Connell
Park Science 132