Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar • Fall 2019

This is the Fall 2019 schedule for the Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar.

The seminar meets most Wednesdays on Bryn Mawr's beautiful campus, easy to reach from any of Philly's campuses by car or train. The talk is from 2:40-4 p.m. in Park Science Room 328, preceded by tea at 2:20 p.m. in the math lounge. The seminar is currently organized by Djordje Milićević at Bryn Mawr College.

Current and Past Seminars

Schedule of Talks

Fall 2019


Speaker / Title of Talk


Sept. 18

Daniel White

(Bryn Mawr College)

"Twelfth Moment of Dirichlet L-functions to Prime Power Moduli"


Sept. 24*

*Please note: Tuesday, Meet at Swarthmore Colloquium

Holley Friedlander

(Dickinson College)

"Arithmetic of Apollonian Circle Packings"


Oct. 2

Cihan Karabulut

(William Paterson University)

"Eisenstein Series Whose Fourier Coefficients Involve Zeta Functions of Binary Hermitian Forms"


Oct. 9

Karen Taylor

(Bronx Community College at CUNY)

"Hickerson Quadratic Identities"


Oct. 30

Yunqing Tang

(Princeton University)

"Exceptional Splitting of Reductions of Abelian Surfaces over Number Fields"


Nov. 6

Michael Woodbury

(Columbia University)

"An Orthogonality Relation for GL(4)"


Nov. 13

John Bergdall

(Bryn Mawr College)

"Explicit Problems in the p-adic Theory of Modular Forms"


Dec. 4

Heidi Goodson

(Brooklyn College - CUNY)

"Sato-Tate Groups of Trinomial Hyperelliptic Curves"


Dec. 11

Mikolaj Fraczyk

(Institute for Advanced Study)

"Growth of Multiplicities of Unitary Representations in Horizontal Families"

The seminar is currently organized by Djordje Milićević at Bryn Mawr College and Heidi Goodson at Haverford College. The seminar was previously organized by Helen Grundman. Until Spring 2014, the seminar met at Temple University; see previous talks there.


By Regional Rail: It is super-easy to come by train. Take the SEPTA Paoli-Thorndale Line from any of the downtown stations (Temple, Market East, Suburban, or 30th Street). Almost all trains stop at Bryn Mawr. Walk on Morris (which is the street you see first getting off the train), cross Montgomery Ave, and take the next left onto Yarrow St, which soon meets Merion Ave; you are now on campus and, from here, anyone should be able to point you to the Park Science Center, or you can use the local map.

Other transit options: We can also be reached from the Bryn Mawr stop on the Norristown High-Speed Line (NHSL) (but this walk is a bit longer). Buses 105 and 106 stop nearby on Lancaster Ave.

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