Bi-Co Math Colloquium

Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College run a weekly joint colloquium that alternates in location between the Bryn Mawr and Haverford mathematics departments. All are welcome to attend! Talks are usually on Monday afternoons from 4:10-5:00 p.m. A tea usually precedes the talk at 3:30 p.m.: in PSB 361, Math Lounge (Bryn Mawr) / Hilles 208, Math Lounge (Haverford).

Talks: 4:10 p.m. in PSB 338 (Bryn Mawr) / Hilles 109 (Haverford)

For more information, please contact Paul Melvin (Bryn Mawr) or Weiwen Miao (Haverford).

Spring 2022



Title of Talk


Feb. 7

Wen-ching Winnie Li

Penn State University

"Primes and Zeta Functions in Combinatorics and Number Theory" Haverford
Feb. 14

Lynne Steuerle Schofield

Swarthmore College

"Using Response Time Data to Model Cognition and Cognitive Decline" Bryn Mawr
Feb. 28

Danqi Luo

Rady School at UCSD

"Improving Emergency Department Crowding via Operations Research Guided Causal Inference" Bryn Mawr
March 7



March 14

Please note change of time for talk to 4:30 p.m.

Karen Kafadar

University of Virginia

"To Screen or Not to Screen? Using Data from Randomized Screening Trials to Quantify Risks & Benefits of Cancer Screening"

March 21

Yumeng Ou

University of Pennsylvania

"Distance Problems and Projections of Measures"

Bryn Mawr
March 28

Daniel Ullman

George Washington University

"Classic Problems"


April 11

Please note different 
location and time:

Park 25
4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Lisa Traynor

Bryn Mawr College

"The Captivating World of Symplectic Topology" Bryn Mawr
April 18

Akshay Venkatesh

Institute for Advanced Study

"Number Fields and 3-Dimensional Geometry"

Joint Talk with Philadelphia Area Number Theory Seminar

Bryn Mawr

April 25

Michael Dougherty

Swarthmore College


“Graphs, Braids, and Configuration Spaces”



Fall 2021



Title of Talk


Sept 13

Xiang Wan

Haverford College

"Poisson Equations in Two-dimensional Domains with Line Fracture: from Qualitative to Quantitative Analysis"

Bryn Mawr

Sep 20

Jana Gevertz

The College of New Jersey

“Exploring the Predictive Abilities of a Mathematical Model of Cancer” Haverford
Sep 27

Allison Miller

Swarthmore College

"Algebra and Topology in Dimension Four" Bryn Mawr
Oct 4

Rylee Lyman

Rutgers University

“Train Track Maps and CTs for Free Products” Haverford
Oct 11

Fall Break

No Colloquium  
Oct 18

Jaclyn Lang

Temple University

"Towards Explicit Class Field Theory Beyond the Imaginary Quadratic Case" Bryn Mawr
Oct 25

Priyam Patel

University of Utah

“Curves and Surfaces in Topology” Haverford
Nov 1

Renee Bell

University of Pennsylvania

“Analogies Between Number Theory and Geometry: Monodromy of Tamely Ramified Covers” 

Bryn Mawr
Nov 8

Gideon Simpson

Drexel University

"Sampling from Rough Energy Landscapes" Haverford
Nov 15

Radhika Gupta

Temple University

"Groups as Spaces and Exponential Growth" Bryn Mawr
Nov 22

Michael Pokojovy

UT El Paso

"Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Discretely Observed Multivariate Vasicek Processes" Haverford
Dec 6

Miriam Kuzbary

Georgia Tech

"Polynomial Invariants of Knots" Haverford


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