Distressing Math Collective

The Distressing Math Collective (DMC) provides weekly opportunities for people to de-stress during an informal math lecture on an interesting, but accessible, topic. 

Started by a BMC math professor, a BMC undergraduate, and a Haverford undergraduate, DMC has been meeting regularly since 1997. It attracts a mix of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, alumnae, and friends. To learn more about DMC in past years, read this article from the 2015-2016 Math Alumnae Newsletter.

Jo Amuso '24, Anna Nguyen '25, and Synarah Sitaf '24 are the DMC student coordinators for the 2023-2024 academic year.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, DMC will generally meet on Wednesdays starting at 7 p.m. in a hybrid format.  For the Zoom link, please contact Leslie Cheng (lcheng@brynmawr.edu), Jo Amuso (@brynmawr.edu), Anna Nguyen (atnguyen@brynmawr.edu), or Synarah Sitaf (ssitaf@brynmawr.edu). 

Fall 2023 DMC Schedule

Sept. 13

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Sept. 20 Frank Romascavage, III, Ph.D. '17  Hermite Normal Form and Applications
Sept. 27 William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College An Evening with Euler 
Oct. 4 Katherine Clemens '23 Analyzing Eleven Bistable Gene Regulatory Networks for Hopf Bifurcations
Oct. 11 Ellie Lew '25  Digitally Restricted Ostrowski Expansions
Oct. 18 Fall Break: No DMC  
Oct. 25 Lucy Wilson '25 Exploring Voter Behavior, Turnout, and Apathy: An Agent-Based Model
Nov. 1 Cordelia Li '23 Summer Experience: Internship and Summer Research
Nov. 8 Sarah Lohrey '25 Arithmetic Progressions of Integers that are Relatively Prime to their Digital Sums
Nov. 15 Selvi Kara, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College Ethnomathematics in Action: Insights from the Malekula Community
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Break: No DMC  
Nov. 29

Yuxin Wang '25

Tetris, Tri-Ominoes, and De Bruijn Polyominoes
Dec. 6 Math Candidate Talk: No DMC  
Dec. 13 K.c Kula '25 and Orli McGuire-Berk '25 Approaches to Energy Consumption: A Mathematical Analysis


Spring 2024 DMC Schedule

Jan. 31

Sarah Lohrey '25

Peg Duotaire
Feb. 7 Jo Amuso '24 Analyzing Potential Effects of Ozempic on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Treatment
Feb. 14 Sophia Midgley '25 Intrusions of Warm Core Ring Water onto the Mid-Atlantic Bight Shelf Alleviate Ocean Acidification But Decrease Cold Pool Size
Feb. 21 Cavan Helmering '25 Market Economics Internship in Healthcare Obtained Through a Background in Mathematics
Feb. 28 Black History Month Keynote Lecture: No DMC  
March 6 Li Gordon-Washington '23 Quantitative Equity Strategy Crash Course
March 13 Spring Break: No DMC  
March 20 Chloe Shupe '24  The P-Adic Numbers
March 27 Raphael Small HC '15 Polls and Smoothers: Generalized Additive Models for Presidential Approval
April 3 Dylan Su '24 Demystifying the Structure and Assets in Global Markets in the Sell Side
April 10 Alishia Nation '23 The Prisoner's Dilemma
April 17 Various Speakers

 Math Major Alumnae Panel                                                                                           

April 24 Alexis Andrulonis and Scott Vaughen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Math Department Co-Coordinator at Montgomery County Community College Three-Body Problem
May 1 Malini Rajbhandari '24 A Critique of the Black-Scholes Merton Model



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