Distressing Math Collective Archive

Distressing Math Collective Past Schedules

Alishia Nation '23 and Anna Nguyen '25 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Fall 2022 DMC Schedule

Sept. 7

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Sept. 14 William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr College Matriculation Exams from a Century Ago
Sept. 21 David Rowe, Professor Emeritus at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany Emmy Noether (1882-1935): Mathematician Extraordinaire
Sept. 28 Kira Hamman, Assistant Teaching Professor of Mathematics and Director of Honors Program at Penn State Mont Alto To Infinity and Beyond!
Oct. 5 Felicia Pursner '25  Modeling PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Oct. 12 Fall Break: No DMC  
Oct. 19 Chloe Shupe '24 Homotopical Models for Metric Spaces and Completeness
Oct. 26 Nia Hernandez '23 and Malini Rajbhandari '24 Matrices Whose Field is Inscribed in a Polygon
Nov. 2  América Nájera '22 Valuation of Options
Nov. 9 Ziva Myer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College An Introduction to the Braid Group
Nov. 16 Loni Tabb, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Drexel University The Geography of Structural Racism: From Operationalization to Measuring Spatial (and Spatio-Temporal) Heterogeneity - How Important is Residential Segregation?


Spring 2023 DMC Schedule

Jan. 25

Ellie Schumacher '23

A Math Major's Summer Recap
Feb. 1 Marye Cruz '22 An Application of Actuarial Math in Retirement
Feb. 8 Walter Stromquist, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College The Cubic Function and Other Strange Algebra
Feb. 15 Alice Yang '21 Haar Wavelets in Image Signal Processing
Feb. 22 Rosalie Tarsala '23  Predicting Galactic Redshift Using Symbolic Regression
March 1 Avalon Vanis '23 Reframing Lisa Piccirillo Paper about the Conway Knot
March 8 Spring Break: No DMC  
March 15 Various Speakers  Applying to Graduate School Panel 
March 22 Zaynab Ghazi '22 Lp Estimates of Oscillatory Integral Operators
March 29 Amirah Hewitt '22 GBM Modeling of Renewable and Non-Renewable Stocks
April 5 Walter Stromquist, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College The Cubic Function and Other Strange Algebra
April 12 Various Speakers  Math Major Alumnae Panel
April 19 Savannah Williams, Math Ph.D. Student The Amazing Spider-Graph: With Great Polynomials Comes Great Responsibility
April 26 Yesenia (Nia) Hernandez '23 An Improved Computational Approach to Measuring the Tightness of Molecular Knots



2021-2022 DMC Schedule:

América Nájera '22 and Shefali Ramakrishna '22 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Fall 2021 DMC Schedule

Sept. 1

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Sept. 8 William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College The Math Matriarchs of Bryn Mawr (link to recording of talk)
Sept. 15 Avalon Vanis '23 Pants and Tri-Pants
Sept. 22 Trang Duong '22 Measuring the Effectiveness of Vietnam's COVID-19 Response Policies Using Mathematical Modelling
Sept. 29 Marye Cruz '22  Gender Patterns and Testing Site Variability in Regular Driving Test Compared to Virtual Driving Test
Oct. 6 Rita Sabri '22  Investigation and Comparison Across Different Diffusion Models
Oct. 13 Fall Break: No DMC  
Oct. 20 Rosalie Tarsala '23 Evaluating Integrals
Oct. 27 Allison Eckert '22 Paths in (Finite Equivariant) Space?!
Nov. 3 Shefali Ramakrishna '22 Chip-Firing Games and Gonality Computation
Nov. 10 Dave Benson HC '95, Vice President Operations Analytics at Air Methods Allocation of Spare Helicopters in Air Medical Operations
Nov. 17 Foqia Shahid '23

Topics in Geometry Processing

Nov. 24
Week of Thanksgiving Break: No DMC
Dec. 1 Shannon Fisher '20 Intro to Analytics and Data Science: What You Need to Know Starting Out
Dec. 8 Kara Fagerstrom '22 Probability Distributions for The Elliptic Curves CGL Hash Function


Spring 2022 DMC Schedule

Jan. 19

Ryann McManus '22

Summer Internship Opportunities with the NSA
Jan. 26 Shefali Ramakrishna '22 Chip-Firing Games and Gonality Computation
Feb. 2 Avalon Vanis '23 Splines
Feb. 9 Heidi He '23 Polymath Jr. REU: Square-Free Words
Feb. 16 Jackie Arroyo '22  Ethics and the Use of Mathematics, with a Focus on Anti-Racism
Feb. 23 Hunter Loftis '23   
March 2 Natalie Meacham '19  
March 9 Spring Break: No DMC  
March 16 Valerie Jin '22  
March 23 Sarah Gift '18 Combinatorial Interpretations of Lucasnomials
March 30 Penelope Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College  
April 6 Jemma Lorenat, Associate Professor in Mathematics at Pitzer College  
April 13 Various Speakers Math Major Alumnae Panel
April 20 Ralph Morrison, Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Williams College  


2020-2021 DMC Schedule: Ellen Lu '21 and Rita Sabri '22 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Fall 2020

Sept. 16

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Sept. 23 William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at BMC The Infinitude of Primes: From Euclid to Erdos
Sept. 30 Samantha Hall '21  Towards a Multiscale Computational Model of the Human Complement System for Predicting Immune Response in COVID-19 Patients
Oct. 7 Atiqua Hashem '92, Jenny Sichel '10, Alyssa Johnson '10, Nehel Shahid '18 Chat with Math Alums Sponsored by Career and Civic Engagement Center
Oct. 14 Frank Romascavage PhD '17 How Abstract Algebra Occurs in Formal Languages and Regular Expressions
Oct. 21 Katie Coe '21 Dynamics and Data in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Oct. 28 Hezel Gadzikwa '18 So You Have Majored in Math...Now What?
Dec. 2 Johnluca Fenton HC '21 and Liwei Yang '21 Pioneering a Path for Community Solar in Haverford Township

Spring 2021

Feb. 17 Esther Xu '21 Optimal Control Problem: Pontryagin's Maximum Principle and the Algorithm of Numerical Solutions
Feb. 24 Anna Gordon AB/MA '07 Predictability versus Explainability - a Data Scientist's Dilemma
March 3 Mary Miller '14 HPV Vaccine Coverage: Identifying Key Influencers of Vaccine Attitudes
March 10 Grayson Hamrick HC '21 Energy Investing: Comparing Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Stocks Using the Binomial Tree Model
March 17 Sandy Chen '21 Distribution of Greatest Common Divisor of Integers
March 24 Orsola Capovilla-Searle '15 Legendrian Links and Lagrangian Cobordisms
March 31 Noelle Sawyer, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southwestern University Walking in Loops to Figure Out Distances
April 7 Freda Li AB/MA '14 What Can Primes Tell Us about Polynomials?
April 14 Maggie Wieczorek, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at West Point  Playing with Partitions
April 21 Various Speakers Math Major Alumnae Panel
April 28 Dr. Emelie Curl '14 and Dr. Jathan Austin Blokus: An Introduction to Graph Theory and Combinatorics
May 5 Tiffany Jacobo '21 Fingerprint Compression Using Haar Wavelets
May 12 Rita Sabri '22 How Many Languages?  Modeling the Future of Languages


2019-2020 DMC Schedule: Ellie Lee '20, Aisha Mechery '20, Ellen Lu '22, and Rita Sabri '22 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Fall 2019

Sept. 10

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Sept. 18 AJ Vargas, BMC Mathematics Graduate Student The Geometry of Complex Numbers
Sept. 24 Sandy Chen '21 and Sophia Schein '20 Mind your P's and Q's: Invariants and Coinvariants of Representations
Oct. 1 William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College How Odd are Odd Perfect Numbers?
Oct. 9 Zhuoran Hu '21 and Xiya Wei '20  Using Statistics to Solve the National Opioid Crisis
Oct. 15 Fall Break: No DMC  
Oct. 22 Various speakers Math Major Study Abroad Panel
Oct. 29 Jillian Faccone '09 Applications of Statistics and Data Science in Healthcare
Nov. 5 Corrine Yap, Mathematics Graduate Student at Rutgers University Uniform Convergence 
Nov. 12 Tarik Aougab, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Haverford College Motivating Differential Geometry with the Theory of Relativity
Nov. 19 Katherine Raoux, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College Slicing Algebraic Varieties and Resolving Singularities
Nov. 26
Week of Thanksgiving Break: No DMC
Dec. 3 Sophie Lu '20 Portfolio Selection Problem
Dec. 10 Ruth McLeod '19 The Socio-Economic Impacts of Warehousing in Belvidere, New Jersey

Spring 2020

Jan. 28 Walter Stromquist, Research Associate Distressing Wallpaper
Feb. 4 Charles Marx HC '20 Disentangling Influence: Using Disentangled Representations to Audit Model Predictions
Feb. 11 Qinna Shen, Chair and Associate Professor of German A Refugee Scholar from Nazi Germany: Emmy Noether and Bryn Mawr College
Feb. 18 Shannon Fisher '20 Modeling Pollutant Plume Patterns of Proposed PGW Facility
Feb. 25 Lindsay Dever, BMC Mathematics Graduate Student Lines are Circles and Other Weird Phenomena: An Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry
March 3 Kathryn Haymaker '07 What Do Polynomials Have to Do with My Mixtape?
March 10 Spring Break: No DMC  
March 17 Penny Dunham, Research Associate Folding and Math: Origami Old and New
March 24 Savannah Williams, BMC Mathematics Graduate Student  
March 31 Chelsea Seachord, DELMIA Quintiq  
April 7 Irene Lin ‘20  
April 14 Zainab Saeed '20  
April 21 Meagan Murray-Bruce '20  
April 28 Megan Winner '20

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019: Emily Barry '19, Natalie Meacham '19, Cate Roa '19, and Ellie Lee '20 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Sept. 12

William Dunham, Research Associate at Bryn Mawr College

A Morsel from Euler
Sept. 19 Fiona Galzarano, National Security Agency Alice Versus Eve: A Brief History of Cryptology
Sept. 26 Various speakers Math Major Summer Experiences Panel
Oct. 3 Natalie Meacham '19 Web Traffic and Poetry: Extending Memory in Markov Chains
Oct. 10 Rose Kaplan-Kelly '17 Multi-crossing Projections of Legendrian Knots
Oct. 17 Fall Break: No DMC  
Oct. 24 Various speakers Math Major Study Abroad Panel
Oct. 31 Ceci Silberstein HC '19 The Future of Tundra Growth Along the Ice Truckers Road
Nov. 7 John Bergdall, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College Finding and Counting Points on Curves -- OR -- How to Discover a Million Dollar Problem Using Ancient Technology
Nov. 14 Junyan Duan '19 Managing White-Nose Syndrome in the Presence of Spatial Dynamics
Nov. 21 Thanksgiving Break: No DMC  
Nov. 28 Christopher Catone, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Albright College Bridging Calculus and Discrete Math via the Discrete Derivative - OR- Sequences want to be differentiated too!
Dec. 5 Catherine Pfaff, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Queen's University Symmetries, Outer Space, and the Outer Automorphism Group of the Free Group
Dec. 12 Cate Roa '19 The Black-Scholes Model: Pricing Options and Hedging the Sale


Jan. 23

Haley Varnum '19

Group Theory, Topology, and Molecular Structure: Exploring the Intersection of Chemistry and Mathematics
Jan. 31 Meagan Murray-Bruce '20 The Cost and Energy Efficiency of Converting Philadelphia Streetlights to LED
Feb. 6 Ioannis Rutledge HC '18 The Power of Math Beyond BMC
Feb. 13 Dan White, BMC Math Graduate Student The Empty Place in My Space: How Q Complete Me
Feb. 20 Inclement Weather: No DMC  
Feb. 27 Qinna Shen, Assistant Professor of German at Bryn Mawr College A Refugee Scholar from Nazi Germany: Emmy Noether and Bryn Mawr College
March 6 Aisha Mechery '20 Curves on Surfaces
March 13 Spring Break: No DMC  
March 20 Kat Margaret Phifer '19 Euclid and His Modern Rivals
March 27 Mehendi Siraj '19 Combinatorial Game Theory
April 3 Sowmya Srinivasan '13 Penrose Tilings
April 10 Sanjana Sen '19 Demand Prediction in Bikeshare - A Citi Bike Case Study
April 17 Xinya Wang '19 Classification of Unknotted Ribbons in the Plane and on the Sphere
April 24 Aditi Sriram '19 Game Theory and the Prisoner's Dilemma
May 1 Natalie Meacham '19

Modeling Reproductive Hormones: Fitzhugh-Nagumo Analysis, Hodgkin-Huxley Models, and Applications in GnRH Secretion

May 8 Zainab Saeed '20

Putting a Value on Impact Investing

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018: Jill Li '18 and Rachel Miller '18 were the DMC student coordinators for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Sept. 21

Frank Romascavage, BMC Math Graduate Student

Fun Times with Fibonacci Numbers

Sept. 28

Various Speakers

Math Major Summer Experiences Panel

Oct. 5

Hezel Gadzikwa '18

Food Webs and Graph Theory

Oct. 12

William Dunham, Research Associate in Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College 

A Tale of Two Series

Nov. 2

Sowmya Srinivasan '13

Spec-tacular Topology

Nov. 9

Hannah Griggs '18

Bayesian Inference and a Doppler Method for Identification of Gravitational Waveforms of Third Body-Accelerated Coalescing Binary Black Holes

Nov. 16 Virushi Shah '18 Markov Chains
Nov. 30 Haowen Dong '18 and Nuoya Wang '18 Air Quality and Policy
Dec. 7 Ingrid Bethuel '18 Affordable Housing and Evictions in Philadelphia
Dec. 14 Various speakers Math Major Study Abroad Panel
Feb. 15 Nehel Shahid '18 Fourier Series
March 1 Sergei Tabachnikov, Prof. of Math, Director of Math, Advanced Study Semesters, Penn State University Proofs (not) from THE BOOK
March 8 Haochang Shou, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, UPenn School of Medicine Graduate Programs in Biostatistics
March 22 Rachel Miller '18 Math Behind Gerrymandering
March 29 Hezel Gadzikwa '18 Graph Theory
April 5 Various speakers Math Major Study Abroad Panel
April 12 Frank Romascavage, BMC Math Graduate Student Introduction to the von Mangoldt Function
April 19 Danielle Smiley, BMC Math Graduate Student Mathematical Induction
April 26 Ingrid Bethuel '18 A Regression and Spatial Analysis of Evictions in Philadelphia
May 10 Rachel Miller '18 and Rachel Terry '18 How to Make the Most of a Shared Meal: Plan the Last Bite First

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017: Rose Kaplan-Kelly '17 was the DMC student coordinator for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Sept. 1

Walt Stromquist

The Shapley Value

Sept. 8 Hayley Johnson Measuring the Magnetic Field of a Pulsed Coil: I Know What You Did Last Summer
Sept. 15 Bill Dunham Bertrand Russell at Bryn Mawr
Sept. 22   Game Night
Sept. 29 Daisy Sudparid The Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model of MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether)
Oct. 6 Frank Romascavage An Introduction to Big O Notation or If Cheerios Could Do Math
Oct. 13   FALL BREAK: No DMC
Oct. 20 Immaculate Langat Classical Encryption Systems
Oct. 27 Lindsay Dever Generalized Splines on Cycles or A Splattering of Splines
Nov. 10 Rose Kaplan-Kelly 0 = 1
Nov. 17 Fergie Leung A Network Approach to Mental Disorders and Comorbidity
Dec. 1 Penny Dunham Modern Trends in Origami and Folding
Jan. 19 Rose Kaplan-Kelly Cusp Crossing Density of Hyperbolic Knots: Playing With Flowers in Hyperbolic Space
Jan. 26 Yiling Bai and Tianyi He Chutes and Ladders for the Impatient
Feb. 2   NO DMC
Feb. 9   NO DMC due to weather
Feb. 16 Isaac Craig Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem or How Coffee Changed Mathematics
Feb. 23 Frank Romascavage An Introduction to Little O Notation or If Little Cheerios Could Do Math
March 2 Hannah Schwartz What's the point????! or Constantly Peckish: Unifying Mathematics One Cookie at a Time
March 16   Decoding Nazi Secrets Movie
March 23 Rachel Miller Epic Math Battles of History: Stories of Discoveries in Math
March 30 Jillian Brown Faccone '09 Using Statistics to Measure Business Success: An Application of High-Dimensional Propensity Score Matching to Assess Healthcare Concierge Client Outcomes
April 6 Julia Lin Beating the Taxman or How to Stop an A.I. from Taking Over the World
April 13 Pan Hu The Mathematics Behind Poker
April 20 Phuong Nguyen A Machine Learning Project: Predicting Titanic Survival
April 27 Stella Cai How Google Finds Your Needle in the Web's Haystack

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Sept. 10 Erica Graham A mathematical model of insulin-mediated steroid production" OR "Aunt Flo and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month"
Sept. 17 Maddie Hanson-Colvin "Finding partial difference sets using tree diagrams" OR "Don't get lost in the forest"
Sept. 24 Hayley Johnson "Schwarzschild Black Holes" OR "Unable to escape the math"
Oct. 1 Maddie Hanson-Colvin "Computations on Trees" OR "Cousins with no character"
Oct. 8 Rose Kaplan-Kelly "Twist Knots: construction and complements" OR "Knot twisted"
Oct. 22 Simon Williams "Happy Numbers" OR "Yes, that is an actual math term"
Oct. 29 Maddie Hanson-Colvin “Legendarian Concordances and Satellites” OR “Looped loops connecting other loops”
Nov. 5 Veronica Benson-Moore “Estimating Tumor Growth Rates in Vivo” OR “Using Math to Look at Things We Don’t Like to Talk About”
Nov. 12 Helen Grundman "The Davenport Constant" OR "Guaranteeing that some things add up to nothing"
Nov. 19 Danielle Smiley "Frame Theory: Introduction and a connection with Sampling Theory" OR "When being a Basis is too good"
Dec. 3 Isabel Averill

"Newton's Approximation for Pi" OR "What the fluxion?"

Jan. 28 Sam Pezzimenti & Hannah Schwartz

The Wizardry of Whitney's Theorem II

"Same guy...Different Theorem"

Dedicated to Alan Rickman
Feb. 4 Maddie Hanson-Colvin "Looking for normal rulings" OR "How to avoid remembering too much"
Feb. 11 Kathryn Bryant “Hyperbolic knots and ideal polyhedra” OR “Not your average cut-and-paste job”
Feb. 18 Simon Williams "Fixed points of the function Q" OR "Asexual numbers"
Feb. 25 Maddie Hanson-Colvin "Finding Normal Rulings" OR "Why my thesis involves rainbows"
March 3 Austin Daughton “Prime numbers and Irreducible Polynomials” OR “Why 49598666989151226098104244512918 is Interesting”
March 17 Melina Koukoutchos "Harshad Numbers and Shantid Numbers" OR "How Joy-giving Numbers Inspired Peace"
March 24 Kewei Qu “What we talk about when we talk about Artificial Intelligence: AlphaGo, Neural Network, Probability and Linear Algebra” OR “Oh boy, Machines…”
March 31 Jackie Lang "The BSD Conjecture" OR "How to win a million dollars"
April 7 Danielle Smiley “Lp Boundedness of Singular Integral Operators” OR “Not too scary analysis”
April 14 Samantha Pezzimenti

Math Appreciation Week

Mathematical Crochet/Knitting Circle: Learn how to crochet a hyperbolic plane!
April 21 Maddie Hanson-Colvin "Constructing Ruling Extensions using Templates and Graphs" OR "Some pretty pictures, bridges for eyes on grids, and maybe a party"

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Sept. 11 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “A Game of Cops and Robber on Graphs” or “The Wrath of General Petersen”
Sept. 18 Madeleine Johnson "The three variable bracket polynomial of closed alternating three braids" or "No, this does not involve first separating a person's hair into three chunks"
Sept. 25 Bingxi Lin "An empirical test of Persistent Homology with a noisy cosine curve" or "Let's try to capture a circle in 12-dimensional space"
Oct. 2 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “Continuous-Everywhere Differentiable-Nowhere Functions” or "Why smoothness isn't always what it seems"
Oct. 9 Sam Pezzimenti and Hannah Schwartz "The Wizardry of Whitney's Theorem"
Oct. 23 Siv Lu and Lydia Li "How to make the most of a shared meal" or "Take your last bite first"
Oct. 30 Simon Williams “The convergence of limits in non-standard topological spaces” or “Topology isn’t always intuitive”
Nov. 6 Rose Kaplan-Kelley “Tic-Tac-Toe on a Torus” or “Playing with your food, or at least on the surface of a doughnut”
Nov. 13 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “The guarding strategy for Cops and Robber on graphs” or “Pinning the robber against a wall using cops in trees.”
Dec. 4 Frank Romascavage "Dirichlet Characters Can Be Used To Show That There Are Infinitely Many Primes Congruent To 1 mod 4" or "Characters can be infinitely important"
Dec. 11 Kathryn Bryant “Parrondo’s Paradox” or “Playing to lose… to win”
Jan. 29 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin "Cops and Robbers on Grid Structures" or "Building a Forest of Doom"
Feb. 26 Douglass Grundman “Are Runge and Kutta your friends?” or “Where did my satellite go?”
March 19 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “A Mathematical Explication of  ‘A Finite Simple Group’ ” or “Who Can Resist Puns and a Cute Song?”
March 26 Ziva Myer "The Topology of Impossible Spaces" or "Don't go chasing Escher's Waterfall"
April 9 Maddie Johnson “Geodesic Curves on Surfaces of Revolution” or “How to get to London ASAP!”
April 16 Isabel Averill “Cardono’s Constructive Proof of the Solution of the Depressed Cubic” or “Roots, Radishes, and RAGE in 16th Century Italy”
April 23 Jonathan DeWitt “Fekete’s Subadditive Lemma” or “The Limit Exists But I Have No Idea What It Is”
April 30 Sarah Lew “The ins and outs of a Hill cipher matrix” or “Cryptography from the mind of a nerd”

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Sept. 5 Eva Goedhart "Solving a Diophantine Equation or How 2am really helped with my problem!"
Sept. 12 Austin Daughton "A large explicit set of independent numbers or How to get independence without choice"
Sept. 19 Sam Pezzimenti “What’s behind door number one? Or how not to get zonked in Let’s Make a Deal or No Deal”
Sept. 26 Hannah Schwartz “One Lovely Family (of graphs)”
Oct. 3 Emily Williams “The ECO-IMPACS Research Program”
Oct. 10 Elizabeth “Simon” Williams “Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem”
Oct. 24 Frank  Romascavage “An Introduction to p-adic numbers”
Oct. 31 Orsola Capovilla Sierle “Multi Crossing Knots”
Nov. 7 Danqi Luo "A Clinic Service Location Planning Analysis in the City of Atlanta"
Nov. 14 Katherine Engelman "The Difference in Cubic Fields or An Ideally Squarefull Class."
Nov. 21 George Exner "Infidelity, Gambling, and Squirrels"
Dec. 5 Freda Li "Calculating Determinants" OR "A Trip to Alice's Wonderland"
Dec. 12 Henri Drake "Applications of Algebraic Geometry to Robotics" OR "Domo Arigatou, Mr 2-Dimensional Roboto"
Jan. 23 Eva Goedhart "Who was Diophantus and what's all this about solving his equations?"
Jan. 30 Sam Pezzimeni

"The Braid Group and Other Tangled Topics" OR

"Braids aren't just for hair"
Feb. 6 Hannah Schwartz "Not All Tangles are Epic" OR "Don't Forget Your Functors"
Feb. 20 Kathryn Bryant "Drawing 4 Dimensions" OR "Brain Yoga + Pictures"
Feb. 27 Katherine Engelman "Composition of Binary Forms" OR "Two by Two"
March 20 Ruby Gonzales & Bluma Millman

"Talking about the Markov chain and game analysis"

OR "chutes and ladders for the impatient"
March 27 Douglas Grundman “The Game of Fish, Panzer tanks, and the Total Extinction of Human Life on Earth"
April 3 Kriti Shrestha "Incomplete Character Sums" OR "Math is Primal Instinct"
April 10 Ziva Myer "Generating Families for Legandrians" OR "Making Pictures out of Flip Books of Graphs"
April 17 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin "Perpetual Calendars" OR "Which Singles' Days are Unlucky?"
April 24 Freda Li "Counter Examples in Analysis" OR "Things that Don't Make Sense"
May 1 Katherine Engelman "New Results in (Galois Theory)^(-1)"
May 8 Anne Schwartz "Using Graph Theory to Solve an Old Puzzle” OR “Would you rather take a final or play with a puzzle?"

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

Sept. 6 Austin Daughton “Number Theory is a Black Hole” or “Why is everyone so attracted to number theory?”
Sept. 13 Kathryn Bryant “The Glorious Torus”
Sept. 20 Karl Schaffer “Polyhedra on a Shoestring”
Sept. 27 Ziva Myer “Legendary Legendrians: On the Cusp of Understanding Legendrian Knots”
Oct. 4 Helen Grundman “Groups of Rational Points on Some Elliptic Curves” or “It took me way too long to come up with this simple proof”
Oct. 11 Sowmya Srinivasan “On Homotopy of Curves”
Oct. 25 Danielle Smiley “Mathematics of Card Tricks”
Nov. 1 Samatha Pezzimenti “Minimal Degree Parameterizations of the Trefoil and Figure-Eight Knots”
Nov. 8 Katherine Engelman “Negative Snell’s Law” or “How I Spent This Summer When I Wasn’t Knitting Pi”
Nov. 15 Alice Erickson “N-Dimensional Pyramids”
Dec. 6 Helen Grundman Zero Sum Subsequences
Dec. 13   Games Night
Jan. 31 Kess Steuber “Homological Algebra” or “How I Learned How to Stop Worrying and Love Math.”
Feb. 7 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “The Sizes of Equivalence Relations on Finite Sets”
Feb. 21 Katherine Engelman “Smith Numbers” or “How One Man's Phone Number Changed Mathematics”
Feb. 28 Kathryn Bryant “Calculus Monsters: Everywhere-continuous, Nowhere-differentiable Functions”
March 7 Doug Grundman “Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem” or “Truthiness and Proofiness”
March 21 Ziva Myer “You Cantor Ways Get What You Want -- Cantor Sets, The Cantor Function, and How Calculus Lied to You”
March 28 Austin Daughton “The Seven Wonders of Zeta”
April 4 Samantha Pezzimenti "Math and Crafts: Fun with Non-Euclidean Geometry"
April 11 Danielle Smiley “An Elementary Proof of Marden’s Theorem – a nifty little geometric fact about polynomials of the third degree”
April 18 Don Fahey “The Dipole Dance:  When Second-Order Terms Get Their Time to Shine”
April 25 Madeleine Hanson-Colvin “Proving Properties of Addition and Multiplication under the Peano Axioms – or – How to Play the Pieces Multiplication and Addition on a Peano”
May 2 Bianca Boranda “Games, Games, And More Games:  Combinatorial, n Cooperative and Multistage Games”

Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Sept. 1 Chris Micklewright

Your GPS and the Implicit Function Theorem or Finding Yourself Through Mathematics

Sept. 8 Tong Wu Economic Update: ---Skating on Ice---
Sept. 13 Kathryn Bryant An Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry or  How I spent my Summer Vacation (Minus the Details)
Sept. 29 Sowmya Srinivasan How to Not Join A Street Gang or A Mathematical Approach to the Social Dynamics of Gang Involvement
Oct. 6 Katherine Engelman Minimal Surfaces and Soap Films or The Mathematics of a Slippery Topic
Oct. 20 Danielle Smiley Predicting an Eclipse with Geometry
Oct. 27 Doug Grundman A Series of Suspicious and Somwhat Silly Proofs Attempting to Establish Once and For All: Are the Majority of Triangles Acute or Obtuse?
Nov. 3 Frank Romascavage A Discussion on Twin Primes
Nov. 10 Helen Grundman Finding Happiness in Mathematics: An Introduction to Happy Numbers
Nov. 17 Catherine Owens Zero Sum Subsequences in Groups or Searching for Something that Adds Up to Nothing
Dec. 1 Laura Mansfield A Gentle Introduction to the Poincare Conjecture
Jan. 19 Kathryn Bryant Uncovering Covering Spaces
Jan. 26 Yolanda Yue Shao A Summer with Biostatistics
Feb. 2 Frank Romascavage Twin Twin Primes Primes Again Again!
Feb. 9 Katie Link Modeling Guinea Worm Disease
Feb. 23 Kaushiki Dunusinghe Driving Your Car With Mathematics: How to Model Energy Use in Cars
March 1 Eva Goedhart News Flash: No Solutions to Diophantine Equations!
March 15 Danielle Smiley Don’t take your hat off! Logic and fun hat problems
March 22 Katherine Engelman Abelian Forcing Set: Finding Sometimes Commutative Groups
March 29 Doug Grundman How discontinuous can a poor function get? The true story of a distressing function named “F”
April 5 Shuning Yan Mirror mirror, knot the same?
April 12 Katherine Engelman The logic of probability; Anticipating the unanticipated
April 19 Aidan Murphy An Inverse Zero-Sum Conjecture: When Sequences Won’t Add up to Nothing
April 26 Catherine Owens A Theorem on the Weighted Davenport Constant
May 3   Game Night

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

Sept. 2 Kerstin Baer Vector Fields Revisited
Sept. 9 Hannah Staley Modeling Pre-Equilibrium Nuclear Reactions
Sept. 16 Lise Chlebak Modeling the Movement of Cilia
Sept. 23 Rebecca Rehbhuhn-Glanz Matrices Whose Powers Have Constant Diagonal
Sept. 30 Lise Chlebak Zombies!
Oct. 7 Rebecca Rehbhuhn-Glanz P-Adic Numbers
Oct. 21 Emilie Naccarato An Immersed Boundary Approach for Fluid-Structure Interactions
Oct. 28 Alex Lee Mathematical Modeling of the Vision Attention System
Nov. 4 Rebecca Rehbhuhn-Glanz Many, Many Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem
Nov. 11 Kathryn Bryant Nets: Not Just for Fishing Anymore
Nov. 18 Douglas Grundman Math vs. Spam – Math Wins!
Dec. 2 Olivia Coplan Escher Combiatorial Patterns
Jan. 20 Laura Mansfield Brouwer Degree and the Hairy Ball Theorem
Jan. 27 Kerstin Baer Why My Spam Filter Does Not Want Me To Go To Graduate School: Corporate Conspiracy or A Bug in the System?
Feb. 3 Lise Chlebak Taxman Revisited: A Variation on the Taxman Game
Feb. 10 Douglas Grundman The Coolest Group of Order 168 or How I remember the Number of Hours in a Week
Feb. 24 Helen Grundman Hershad Numbers or Stories from 19 Years Ago When I Was Helled
March 3 Rebecca Rehbhuhn-Glanz Catalan Numbers
March 17 Hannah Staley Rational Numbers and Square Roots of Rational Numbers in Trigonometry or How Entropy Describes Space and Gravity via the Holographic Principle
March 24 Christopher Micklewright An Introduction to Legendrian Knot Theory
March 31 Meghan Fisher (Unknown)
April 7 Alex Lee Configuration Spaces of Robots Moving on Graphs
April 14 Haverford Math Problem Solving Group Three Proofs that P=NP
April 21 Kathryn Bryant Exploring Cayley’s Theorem
April 28 Rebecca Rehbhuhn-Glanz Galois Groups of Certain Polynomials of Prime Degrees

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