A.B./M.A. Program

For students entering with advanced placement credits, it is possible to earn both the A.B. and M.A. degrees in an integrated four-year or five-year program. The norm in mathematics is for the student to complete this program in four years, doing research for and writing an M.A. thesis in the fourth year. A student normally applies to this program during their sophomore year. Details of the requirement can be found at Graduate Program/Degree Requirements.

We also have curricula designed for students who would like to complete both the A.B./M.A. Program in Mathematics and either a minor in Education or the Secondary Teaching Certification Program. See A.B./M.A./Certification.

A.B./M.A. Thesis Topics

Student Year Title of Thesis Adviser
Vanis, Avalon 2023 On Slice Obstructions for Unknotting Number One Knots Melvin
Hankins, Elizabeth 2022 Origami with Infinite Folds Donnay
Marcovitz, Ada 2022 Sums of Products of Kloosterman Sums Milićević
McManus, Ryann 2022 Modeling the Effects of Incretins and Circadian Misalignment on Glucose-Insulin Dynamics Graham
Ramakrishna, Shefali 2022 Numerical Methods in Issues of Sustainability Donnay
Schein, Sophia 2020 Hecke Operators on Linear Representations Over Finite Fields Bergdall
Mechery, Aisha 2019 p-adic Analysis and Supercongruences to Higher Prime Power Moduli Milićević
Zhang, Cheyenne (Sichen) 2019 Distribution of Kloosterman Paths to High Prime Power Moduli Milićević
Gift, Sarah 2018 Exploring Oscillatory Integral Operators for Functions in Higher Dimensions Cheng
Su, Boyang 2018 Statistics of Perturbed Laplacian Eigenfunctions Milićević
Lei, Ruoyun 2017 Cases of Effective Nonvanishing of Dirichlet L-Functions Over Primitive Galois Orbits Milićević
Hanson-Colvin, Madeleine 2016 Normal Rulings of Legendrian Satellite Knots Traynor
Schroeter, Emily 2015 Valuation of Lookback Options Cheng
Li, Freda 2014 Stochastic Processes and Valuation of Options Cheng
Engelman, Katherine 2014 New Results in Inverse Galois Theory Grundman
Shao, Yolanda 2013 Stochastic Processes and Pricing Derivatives in Continuous Time Cheng
Rebhuhn-Glanz, Rebecca 2011 Galois Groups of Certain Polynomials of Prime Degree Grundman
Chlebak, Lise 2011 Expansion of Boundedness Results for Certain Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng
Zaher, Manal 2010 On the Boundedness of Certain Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng
Veprauskas, Amy 2010 Mathematical Modeling of Malaria Donnay
Lang, Jaclyn 2009 Properties of Class Groups of a Family of Cyclic Cubic Fields Grundman
Khasawinah, Sarah 2009 Lp Boundedness of Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng
Hittson, Amanda 2009 Solutions to a Parameterized Family of Relative Thue Equations Grundman
Vashist, Aditi 2008 Torsion in Khovanov Homology Melvin
McNabb, Emily 2007 Applications to Heatlets to Ill-Posed Problems Hughes
Gordon, Anna 2007 Lp Boundedness of Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng
Gao, Wen 2007 Thomas's Work on Split Families of Cubic Thue Equations Grundman
Kemp, Kirsten 2006 Lp Estimates for Oscillatory Integral Operators Cheng

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