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Fall 2024 RLAN

Course Title Schedule/Units Meeting Type Times/Days Location Instr(s)
FREN B101-001 Textes, Images, Voix I Semester / 1 Lecture: 12:10 PM-1:00 PM MWF Taylor Hall B
FREN B101-002 Textes, Images, Voix I Semester / 1 Lecture: 11:10 AM-12:00 PM MWF Old Library 102

Spring 2025 RLAN

Course Title Schedule/Units Meeting Type Times/Days Location Instr(s)
FREN B102-001 Textes, Voix, Images, II Semester / 1 Lecture: 11:10 AM-12:00 PM MWF Crucifix,E.

Fall 2025 RLAN

(Class schedules for this semester will be posted at a later date.)

2024-25 Catalog Data: RLAN

FREN B101 Textes, Images, Voix I

Fall 2024

Presentation of essential problems in literary and cultural analysis by close reading of works selected from various periods and genres and by analysis of voice and image in French writing and film from female and male authors in Metropolitan France, Africa, and other Francophone regions. Participation in discussion and practice in written and oral expression are emphasized, as are grammar review and exercises. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisites: FREN B004, placement, or permission of instructor.

Critical Interpretation (CI)

Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC)

Power, Inequity, and Justice (PIJ)

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FREN B102 Textes, Voix, Images, II

Spring 2025

Continued development of students' expertise in literary and cultural analysis by emphasizing close reading as well as oral and written analyses of increasingly complex works chosen from various genres and periods of French and Francophone works in their written and visual modes. Readings include theater of the 17th or 18th centuries and build to increasingly complex nouvelles, poetry and novels of the 19th and 20th centuries. Participation in guided discussion and practice in oral/written expression continue to be emphasized, as is grammar review. Prerequisite: FREN 005 or 101.

Critical Interpretation (CI)

Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC)

Counts Toward International Studies

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