Opportunities in Sociology

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Study Abroad

Students who plan to take a junior semester abroad must get the approval of the department adviser before completing the course registration for the program. The student should submit a description of the program, a catalogue or published description of the courses the student plans to take for sociology credit, and a statement of how the program fits into the major.

Opportunities for Field Work and Internship Experiences

The Sociology Department encourages students to pursue the varied opportunities to combine classroom learning with practical experiences through fieldwork and internships in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Opportunities for volunteer work in social service and other agencies are provided through the College's Civic Engagement Office. Students interested in course related internships should consult the Professor teaching the course for more information.

Departmental Grants for Summer Internships

Over the past decade, the sociology department has received a gift to fund student internships. The Pollak Fund supports student internships (for sociology junior and sophomore majors only!) for eight to 10 weeks each summer. These grants are supported by the estate of Otto and Gertrude Pollak—lawyers from Vienna, Austria—who became political refugees from Nazi-occupied Austria and emigrated to the United States. After they settled in the Philadelphia area, Bryn Mawr College had a significant impact in helping them to establish their professional careers. For more details and application instructions, read this letter [PDF].

Independent Study

Students may request to work independently with a faculty member on an individual research project. The number of students accepted for independent study is necessarily limited because of other demands on faculty's time. Independent study is restricted to seniors and can be undertaken in either semester of the senior year. The student must have a GPA in the major of at least 3.3. Students must have done relevant course work in the area of the research study with the professor they request to supervise their study. Students should seek the approval of the prospective faculty adviser as early as possible in the semester preceding the proposed independent study.

Interdepartmental Programs and Opportunities for Work at Other Institutions

The department participates in the interdisciplinary programs in Hispanic and Hispanic-American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Africana Studies and in the Growth and Structure of Cities Program. Cross-registration in Sociology and allied social science departments at Haverford, Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania provides many opportunities to study in specialized areas such as medical sociology, women's studies, demography, African American studies, statistics and computer science. Majors also frequently spend a junior semester abroad, combining the study of language, literature and culture with courses in sociology and allied social science. Students interested in these programs should consult first with their departmental undergraduate adviser.

A.B./M.S.S. at Bryn Mawr

In partnership with Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR), the College offers a five-year A.B./M.S.S. degree program that allows undergraduate students to begin work towards their Master of Social Services (M.S.S.) during their undergraduate years. Students in this program earn the Bachelor of Arts degree at the end of their fourth year and the Master of Social Services at the end of their fifth year.

You are strongly advised to also consult the Sociology Department bulletin board for additional information related to all of the above.

Recommendation Form

Graduates and undergraduates are advised to print out and complete the request form before submitting to your recommender. Recommenders must be given advance notice of a minimum of two weeks.


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