Spanish Placement Information

All students registering for a Spanish class at Bryn Mawr College who have prior knowledge of the language must take the placement test by August 1.

This is a 20-25 minute adaptive multiple-choice test of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students are bound by the Bryn Mawr Honor Code and may not consult dictionaries or other materials during the online test. You may only take the placement test once.

Accessing the test: 

  • Make sure that the web browser you are using has JavaScript enabled. 
  • Click on the link below to register for the test.

  • After completing your registration, you will receive an email with the password and link to the Spanish Placement Test.
  • For the student ID, use your Bryn Mawr ID. If you do not have a Bryn Mawr ID, use your date of birth without dashes (e.g., 08201992). 
  • Select continue to begin the test. Refrain from using the "BACK" button at any time, as that will terminate the test.
  • When you have finished the test, you will receive your score and the following placement recommendations. Please note that the information that you provide in your language background questionnaire (administered at the beginning of the test) will be considered along with your placement score. You will be notified of a modified placement recommendation when necessary.
0-269 SPAN 001 (Beginning Spanish I)
270-370 SPAN 100 (Basic Intermediate Spanish)
371-499 SPAN 101 (Intermediate Spanish)
500-625 * In order to finalize your placement, please submit a 400-word essay by using the form found at this web address:
626-849 * SPAN 120 (Introducción al análisis literario) or higher. In order to finalize your placement, please submit a 400-word essay by using the form found at this web address:
>849 200-level literature course

*Students who score between 500 and 849 points must submit a Word (preferred) or PDF file of a 400-word essay from a previous Spanish class written in the last year. If you do not have a writing sample from a class, send one on a topic of your choosing. For placement into levels beyond 120, your writing sample should be one that analyzes literature.

Submit your sample with the following form:

If you have any questions about the placement process, contact Kaylea Berard, Language Program Coordinator, at


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