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New Course Proposals

Guidelines for Submission of New Undergraduate Courses

New course proposals for the upcoming academic year should be submitted no later than the end of February for inclusion in Course Planning and the catalog for the upcoming Academic Year. Late proposals should be submitted as early as possible, but no later than May 15 for inclusion in the print catalog, and mid-October for inclusion in Spring pre-registration.

Complete the New Course Proposal Form

Prior to submission

It is the expectation of Curriculum Committee that:

  1. The course has been approved by the chairperson of the sponsoring department
  2. The course has been shared with the chairperson or coordinator of any counterpart or related department(s) or program(s) at Haverford to ensure that the new course will enhance rather than duplicate existing curricula
  3. The course has been shared with the chairperson of any department or program accepting the new course for major/minor credit.

(It is suggested that you share a “catalog” description and/or course outline)

Note: No new course will be approved without the inclusion of a list of the primary texts and required readings for the course in order to ensure that these materials are completely accessible.

Please keep in mind: new courses that are part of a substantial curricular change to a department’s or program’s major or minor should first be presented to the Curriculum Committee as part of the overall proposal. This would include how the new course fits into the proposed change, and a “catalog” description of the course, rather than the full new course proposal. Once the change has been approved, the new course proposal form should be submitted.

Departments need to assist instructors new to the Bi-Co community in understanding expectations for courses that contribute to major, minor, or other curricular requirements.

Late submissions may not be reviewed in time to ensure inclusion in the Bryn Mawr and Haverford on-line registration systems or the Tri-Co Course Guide.

If questions, please contact Kirsten O’Beirne, Registrar.

Guidelines for submission of new Graduate courses:

  • Graduate School of Arts & Sciences courses: Please contact Megan Kenny, Associate Registrar.
  • Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research courses: New courses are approved by the Dean, please contact Antoinette Harrison, Assistant Dean for Administration.

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