Checking Your Grades

Students can check their grades in the Student Center of BiONiC. Grades are posted approximately three weeks after the end of the semester.

Credit-No Credit FAQ

Student Center: Grades

  1. Log into BiONiC and navigate to: Self-Service > Student Services Center
  2. On the Student Center Tab in the Academic's Section, click on the drop-down:

      Other Academics, then Grades.  (Click the double >> to select)
  3. Select the Term you wish to view your grades for and then Continue. 

    Note:  If it does not ask you for the term and instead goes to the grade page, select "change term" from the top of the grade page to select your term.
    select term
  4. Your grades will appear for the term selected.  If you took a class CR/NC, you will see both the submitted grade as well as the grade (CR or NC) that covered the grade input.  PE credits are also displayed. 

    Note: PE grades and the Grade Input field do not show on your transcript, only the "official grade" which appears in bold.

sample grade

Example of CR/NC Course:

CR/NC Grade

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