Validating Your Shopping Cart

Validation appointments allow a student to “test run” their registration during the Advising Period. For the three weeks of advising, preceding registration, students will see an option to validate the shopping cart.

Step 1: Go to the Manage Classes tile and and click on your shopping cart.


Shopping Cart Validation

Step 2: Click on the course(s) you want to test and then click the "Validate" button to see if they will work in your schedule, in this example, we used "HIST H252B."  The green check shows that course will work:

Validation result


Remember: Validating your shopping cart does not register you for your courses. Once you have validated your shopping cart and received any necessary permission numbers, during the Registration period, you still need to register for your courses. Instructions for how to register for courses in Bionic are here.

Note: Validation is not required, however, it is a tool available prior to registration so your registration process goes more smoothly. The validation option will disappear during a registration period.


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