Graduation and Diplomas

Graduating (Undergraduate)

If you are graduating, Commencement takes place in May. Although some students might complete the Undergraduate Program in December, they are invited and encouraged to attend Commencement the May after completing their academic requirements.

Commencement Participation: The College holds a Commencement Ceremony every May to honor students who have finished their degrees and those who are on track to finish in August and December. To participate, students present a viable plan to the Registrar early in the spring semester demonstrating that they will complete all degree requirements by the upcoming May, August, or December. In addition, students who finish degrees in August and December who chose not to participate the previous May are invited to celebrate their completion at the following May Commencement instead.

For Commencement Information, visit Conference and Events Commencement Information website.

Diploma Form

In their senior year, students who are on track to graduate will received an email asking them to complete the Diploma Form in BiONiC. The Diploma form is a custom form in BiONiC that indicates how you want your name to appear on your diploma and on the commencement program.

To navigate to the form, login to BiONiC.

Then go to the Self Service > Student Center.

Scroll down to the bottom right of that page and you will see the “Diploma Form.”

[Note: Bryn Mawr does not use the Apply for Graduation option available in BiONiC]

Receiving Your Diploma

Diplomas are sent out to the graduates home address (unless otherwise specified on the diploma form) and should be received approximately six weeks after graduation. Diplomas sent internationally could take up to twelve weeks to be received due to international mail service. Students will be contacted prior to graduation to verify the spelling of their name and the address to which they would like the diploma mailed. 

The diploma is written in Latin and bears the graduates' name, graduation date and degree (with honors, if applicable), and the university’s seal and signatures. Majors aren’t shown on your diploma, but listed on your transcript.

Diploma Re-order Information

To request a replacement diploma, please complete a diploma replacement form. There is a $50 charge for a replacement diploma. Online payment for Registrar Services is available here. [Diploma re-order form]

Confirmation of Graduation/Attendance

Alumnae of Bryn Mawr College may request degree verification by telephone or in writing. [Degree Verification Form]

Enrollment Verification

Students/Alumnae may request Enrollment Verifications which include enrollment status and dates of attendance. [Enrollment Verification Form]


Alumnae may request a transcript or diploma be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of State for an apostille. Additional information is available on how to obtain an apostille.


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