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Transfer Credit Information

Transfer Credit

The Registrar's Office evaluates transcripts from other colleges and universities and test scores for transfer credit according to Bryn Mawr College's transfer credit policy. 

Transfer Credit PoliCY  Test Credit PoliCY

Transfer and Test credit can counts as elective credit towards the 32 units required for graduation. Students are not able to fulfill College Academic Requirements (the Approaches to Inquiry, Foreign Language, Emily Balch Seminar, Quantitative Readiness, or Quantitative Methods) through transfer courses or test credit. Transfer credit may come from courses done prior to matriculation, concurrent with high school, over the summer, or during time away, including Study Abroad. Test credits may come from AP, A-Levels, and IB programs, and tests must be completed before entrance at Bryn Mawr.

Students entering as freshmen must complete 24 units during semesters registered at Bryn Mawr. Transfer and test credit, including Study Abroad, is limited to total of eight units and must be completed before matriculation. 

All pre-matriculation credit, both transfer and test, is banked until needed.

Transfer Credit Approval

Domestic Summer Study Form  International Summer Study Form


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