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Transfer & Test Credit

Transfer Credit

The Registrar's Office evaluates transcripts from other colleges and universities and test scores for transfer credit according to Bryn Mawr College's transfer credit policy. 

Transfer Credit PoliCY

Transfer and Test credit can counts as elective credit towards the 32 units required for graduation. Students are not able to fulfill College Academic Requirements (the Approaches to Inquiry, Foreign Language, Emily Balch Seminar, Quantitative Readiness, or Quantitative Methods) through transfer courses or test credit. Transfer credit may come from courses done prior to matriculation, concurrent with high school, over the summer, or during time away, including Study Abroad. Test credits may come from AP, A-Levels, and IB programs, and tests must be completed before entrance at Bryn Mawr.

Students entering as freshmen must complete 24 units during semesters registered at Bryn Mawr. Transfer and test credit, including Study Abroad, is limited to total of eight units and must be completed before matriculation. 

All pre-matriculation credit, both transfer and test, is banked until needed.

Transfer Credit Approval

Domestic Summer Study Form  International Summer Study Form

Test Credit

Students may receive credit for honor scores on Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, A-Levels, and other exams. A maximum of eight units from test and transfer credit may be used towards your degree (with the exception of transfer students who can use a maximum of 16).

Students may count this credit towards the 32 units needed to graduate, but not towards any specific college-wide requirements. Credits will be posted to the student's transcript as needed.

Advanced Placement (AP) Test     International Baccalaureate (IB) Test    A-Levels    Additional Test Notes

AP Test

Click here for instructions on how to view your AP Test scores in BiONiC.

AP Exam Minimum Score Units Awarded**
2-D Art and Design 5 1 unit
3-D Art and Design 5 1 unit
Art History 5 2 units
Art: Studio 5 1 unit
Biology 1 4 2 units
Calculus AB 2 4 1 unit
Calculus BC 2 4 2 units
Calculus BC: AB Subscore 2 4 1 unit
Chemistry 4 2 units
Chinese Language and Culture 5 1 unit
Comparative Government and Politics 5 1 unit
Computer Science A - none
Computer Science AB 4 1 unit
Computer Science Principles - none
Drawing 5 1 unit
English Language and Composition 4 5 2 units
English Literature and Composition 4 5 2 units
Environmental Science 5 1 unit
European History 5 2 units
French Language and Culture 5 1 unit
French Literature 5 1 unit
German Language and Culture 4 1 unit
Human Geography 5 1 unit
Italian Language and Culture - none
Japanese Language and Culture 5 1 unit
Latin 4 1 unit
Latin: Literature 4 1 unit
Macroeconomics 3 4 1 unit
Microeconomics 3 4 1 unit
Music Theory 5 1 unit
Physics 1 4 1 unit
Physics 2 4 1 unit
Physics B 5 4 2 units
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 7 4 1 unit
Physics C: Mechanics 6 4 1 unit
Psychology 5 1 unit
Research - none
Seminar - none
Spanish Language and Culture 5 1 unit
Spanish Literature and Culture 5 1 unit
Statistics 4 1 unit
United States Government and Politics 5 1 unit
United States History 5 2 units
World History: Modern 5 2 units

AP Test Notes:

1. AP Biology: A student may choose to opt out of one semester of the BIOL B110-B111 sequence if they earned a 5 on AP Biology exams. The decision about which semester to opt out of should be in made in consultation with the Biology faculty and the pre-medical adviser, if appropriate.

2.  AP Calculus: Students may receive 2 units for a score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC test, or 1 unit for a for a score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB test, or 1 unit for a for a score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB Subscore. The maximum number of units received for all Calculus AP tests is 2 units.

3. AP Economics: The Economic Department will waive the ECON B105 prerequisite for students who score a 5 on both the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics AP exams or a 6 or 7 on the Economics Higher level Exam of the International Baccalaureate. The waiver does not count as course credit toward the major or minor; majors and minors receiving advanced placement must still take the total required courses. Students qualifying for advanced placement should see the department chair to obtain approval for the waiver and for advice on planning their course work in economics.

4. AP English: Students may receive 2 units for a score of 5 on the English Language and Composition or the English Literature and Composition for a maximum total of 2 units for both tests combined.

5. AP Physics B: Student may take PHYS B101-B102 or B121-B122, and not lose credit for the AP Exam. Students may not ordinarily place out of PHYS B121-B122.

6. AP Physics C: Mechanics: This AP Exam exempts a student from PHYS B101. They may not take this course. A student may take PHYS B121-B122 and not lose credit for the AP Exam. Students may not ordinarily place out of PHYS B121-B122.

7. AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism: This AP Exam exempts a student from PHYS 102. They may not take this course. A student may take PHYS B121-B122 and not lose credit for the AP Exam. Students may not ordinarily place out of PHYS B121-B122.

IB Test

Bryn Mawr awards students up to eight (8) academic units for qualifying scores on the International Baccalaureate (IB) test:

  • 2 units of credit per honors score on a higher-level exam (see below)
  • 2 units of credit for the IB diploma if either of the following conditions are met:
    • An overall score of 35 or higher, OR
    • An overall score of 30-34 AND 3 Honors Scores on Higher Level exams.

Honors Level IB Scores

Subject Minimum Score
English 6
French 6
History 6
Spanish 6
All other liberal arts subjects# 5

Note: Bryn Mawr does not give credit for standard level exams.

# The following exams are currently under review and currently do not receive credit: Business and Management, Information Technology in a Global Society, and Design Technology.

Students should request that an official score report be sent to Bryn Mawr prior to taking the examinations.  The IBO has published a website about how to request an IB Transcript: Bryn Mawr must receive an official score report from IBO in order to evaluate your test results.

Click here for instructions on how to view your IB Test scores in Bionic. 

A-Level Test

For Advanced Exams only, each grade of A, B, C, is awarded 2 units of credit. The exception is for Economics, in which a student must earn an A or B on the exam.

Bryn Mawr does not give units of credit for Subsidiary Advanced Level exams.

Students should bring in or request that an official copy of their A-Level certificate be sent to Bryn Mawr College's Registrar's Office.  Unofficial test results or preliminary test results will not be accepted.  If you have lost your A-Level certificate, you can request a new one from:

Test Notes

General Test Notes:

Bryn Mawr College administers its own placement examinations in foreign languages and mathematics. Unlike the AP examinations, they do not carry unit credit.

*General education requirements including the Emily Balch Seminar, the Approaches to Inquiry, Quantitative, and Foreign Language requirements.

** One unit = 4 semester hours or 1 semester course


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