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Employee Registration

Full-time and part-time staff members whose FTE is at least 74% may be eligible to take one undergraduate unit per academic year semester free of charge at either Bryn Mawr College or Haverford College. Staff with questions about their benefit eligibility should contact Human Resources

Staff can choose to take the course for credit or audit the course. Staff who choose to audit the course should talk with the Professor to discuss what work/participation will be expected of an auditing student. Staff will not be permitted to register for courses that are closed due to reaching their enrollment limit.

Summer courses are not eligible for tuition remission. Students receive priority when allocating spaces in a class. There is no guarantee that a staff member will be able to enroll in any given course.

How to Register

  1. Complete the Employee Registration Form obtaining signatures from your supervisor, course instructor, and Human Resources Benefit Manager
  2. Return the signed to the Registrar's Office and completed form before the end of Registration at the beginning of the semester (see the Academic Calendar).
  3. After your form is processed by the Registrar's Office, you will receive access to the course page in Moodle.

The total number of graduate courses which a staff member may take free of charge is limited to six units in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or ten units in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. The necessary application forms are available in the appropriate graduate office.

  • Graduate School of Arts and Science: to take graduate level courses in the staff members must formally apply and gain admission to the school.
  • Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research: staff members who wish to take graduate level courses can do so without formally applying to the program.

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