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Frequently Asked Questions

360°s take a variety of forms, but are typically made up of three courses, each taught by a different faculty member. Additional structures can be seen in the 360 archives.

The application can be requested from the 360 Program Coordinator. Meetings with the Provost, the 360 Steering Committee, and the 360 Coordinator are encouraged. A general development outline is also available for reference.

A budget is developed by the faculty with help from the 360 Coordinator, then submitted to and approved by the Provost.

Upcoming 360s are advertised in the Upcoming Courses section of the 360 website. Faculty are also encouraged to use department info sessions and major reps to share new 360s. Posters and emails are distributed by the 360 Coordinator prior to the application period for all 360s.

Students apply to 360s using a Wufoo form designed by faculty and administered by the 360 Coordinator.

To be considered 360 participants, students must enroll in all courses required by the cluster. At faculty discretion, in consultation with the 360 Steering Committee, individual courses can be open to non-360 students.

Students are notified no later than the Monday of preregistration in the semester prior to the 360. See the application procedures for further details.

Working in coordination with your Academic Support Person and the 360 Coordinator, please consult the Guest Policy as outlined on the Provost’s website.

The College has gathered a wide range of resources to help you prepare to lead field study trips, and the 360 Program Coordinator will work with you to design the most effective field experience for your particular cluster. We are also happy to connect you to past 360 faculty who are willing to share their experiences and advice.

The Provost’s Office provides $3,000 course development funds for each faculty member the summer prior to their 360 cluster.

The Teaching and Learning Initiative student consultants are available to work with faculty members during the planning, teaching, and/or assessment phases of a 360 cluster. See this document for further information.

Web Services (help@brynmawr.edu) can help you set up a Wordpress blog. The 360 Coordinator can also point you to other technological resources you can incorporate in your courses.

Faculty earn a 1.5 teaching credit in the semester of the 360.

Sarah Theobald, the 360 Coordinator, is a good place to start. She may be reached via phone at: 610-526-5509, or via email at: stheobald@brynmawr.edu.


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