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Spring 2024

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Photograph of Cahokia, showing pathways around two hills with woods in the foreground.

360: Origins of Freedom

How might human beings live according to nature? Is property natural? Is freedom or unfreedom? How can studying human societies in the past inform collective organization in the present?

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A stone wall with line drawings of figures on the left side of the frame; a row of 6 students and faculty on the right side of the frame observe and read a plaque about the art under a blue sky.

360°: Europe from the Margins

What does Europe look like from the perspectives of those whose voices are usually missing from mainstream narratives – the disempowered, queers, migrant laborers, artists, refugees, and people from Europe’s eastern and southern peripheries?

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Group of 360 students in the field

360°: Temperate and Tropical Coasts in Transition

Coastlines, by definition transitional environments, are naturally dynamic and resilient. But climate change, sea level rise and shifting species distributions are now causing rapid physical and ecological changes to the world’s coasts. Anticipating and addressing these changes requires understanding the physical, chemical and biological processes that interact at the land-sea boundary. (Taught 2014-15; 2017; 2020; 2024)

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