Documentation for Employees Requesting Accommodations

The documentation provided to support a request for accommodation should be a current, relevant written report of an evaluation by a qualified professional that confirms the existence of a disabling condition, identifies the functional limitations caused by the condition in the employment situation, and relates the current impact of the condition to the accommodations being requested. It should be on letterhead stationery, provide the date of the most recent evaluation, and include the signature, title, and credentials of the professional conducting the evaluation. At a minimum, the following information should be included:

  • Clear statement of the specific diagnosis and level of severity
  • Description of the methods, criteria, and diagnostic tests (if any) used to make the diagnosis
  • Summary of evaluation results including relevant history, treatment (with timeframe and current medications), and treatment plan
  • Discussion of current manifestations of the condition that cause significant limitations in the employment situation
  • Recommendations for reasonable accommodations to help minimize the impact of the condition, with a rationale for each one
  • Time period for which these accommodations are recommended 

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