Online Teaching Institute Planning Team

An initiative to improve online and hybrid teaching, the Online Teaching Institute engaged participants in hands-on, supported practice throughout the summer of 2020. Faculty had opportunities to share, connect, and receive feedback on their course designs, assessments, learning materials, and use of available educational technologies. The Online Teaching Institute was designed and facilitated by a team of BMC staff and faculty, all of whom brought significant expertise to the task. 

Meet Our Team

Chris Boyland

Chris Boyland is the Senior Educational Technology Specialist in LITS. She came to Bryn Mawr in 2006 as the Director of the Language Learning Center. Concurrent with her employment at the College, she served as a Technology Fellow for the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), conducting in-person and web-based workshops on a variety of technology and pedagogy topics to a national audience. Prior to Bryn Mawr, Christine taught Russian Language and Literature and Film Studies for more than a decade at Yale University, Trinity College and the College of William and Mary, and she was an Instructional Designer and taught in the Humanities Program at St. Anselm College.

 Tamarah Moss

Tamarah Moss

Tamarah was part of the foundational team that designed the Online Teaching Institute. She has years of experience teaching and learning in the Online environment. She was featured at Columbia University and served as a faculty fellow at Howard University for her integration of technology and experiential learning in social work education. She was previously a recipient of a small grant from the International Association of Schools of Social Work, where she coordinated a distance learning course in collaboration with students and faculty in Barbados, The Bahamas, and the United States focused on addressing HIV in the Caribbean and the United States. Tamarah is an assistant professor at Bryn Mawr College and serves on the curriculum committee at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, BMC. She is available for consultations on trauma-informed teaching practices.

Alex Pfundt

Alex has been involved in the design and delivery of digital learning environments for nearly a decade. As a research and instruction librarian, he has collaborated with faculty and administrators to scaffold and assess information literacy and research skills development in undergraduate and graduate education. Having studied in both hybrid/synchronous and online/asynchronous graduate programs, Alex brings with him years of first-hand experience in online learning and pedagogy. Alex has earned a MA in Educational Psychology with a concentration in learning assessment from the University of Alabama. 

Gina Siesing

Gina started collaborating with others on creating technology-enhanced learning experiences at UT-Austin in the early ‘90s when the commodity web was new. She has since consulted nationally and internationally with groups of faculty and students, library colleagues, academic technology and other academic resource colleagues on designing curriculum, scholarly projects, and programs that support student learning and faculty research and teaching across multiple contexts. Gina appreciates the chance to explore with others what practices best enable discovery, knowledge creation, and community-building in the digital age. Gina serves as CIO & Constance A. Jones Director of Libraries at BMC. 

In addition to these team members, former Bryn Mawr staff member Maria Ocando Finol also helped plan and facilitate the Institute. We thank her for those contributions.