About Us


The Career & Civic Engagement Center is an effort to greatly enhance the opportunities available to students for their personal and professional development.


The mission of the Center is to prepare and support liberal arts students and alumnae/i to become effective, self-aware leaders in their chosen life pursuits.

Experiential Learning

This preparation is rooted in experiential education. Students can explore opportunities through classes, personal and professional workshops and trainings, internships and externships, alumnae engagement, and civic engagement.

Career and Professional Development and Civic Engagement are essential functions of the Center.

Career Engagement

Career Engagement provides opportunities for students to maximize their liberal arts education, preparing them to make intentional decisions about their futures.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement collaborates with community-based organizations to prepare students to be socially responsible leaders and citizens through purposeful action, reflection, and learning.


See how the Career & Civic Engagement Center helps students to become leaders and engaged citizens.


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The Career & Civic Engagement Center

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