Career Coaching

Career Coaching Appointments

Becky Ross, Senior Associate Director for Alumnae/i Career Services, provides appointments year-round for a variety career-related needs (see below). There are currently no session limits; it has been most common for individuals to have two to three appointments, with some email communication in between. Resources that support self-guided progress are also available.

    To schedule a one-on-one coaching session with Becky Ross: 

    • Log in to Handshake:
    • On the “Career Center” menu, select “Appointments” to schedule a session.
    • If you have difficulty accessing Handshake, email or call Career Engagement at 610-526-5174 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.
    • If the appointment availability doesn't match your schedule, you may email Becky at to explore potential alternatives.

    For alumnae/i who seek an intensive and ongoing coaching relationship, or someone with a specialized area of expertise, consider utilizing directories provided by organizations such as the National Career Development Association and the International Coach Federation. Check the Business Directory in Mawrter Connect for alums with coaching practices.

    Common Goals in Career Coaching Appointments: 

    • Develop or refine resumes/CVs and cover letters; prepare for interviews; hone networking skills; strengthen LinkedIn profile; evaluate and compare job offers.
    • Discuss strategies, tactics and resources to make a career transition or pivot.
    • Assess interests, strengths, skills, values, and personality in relation to career.
    • Develop an action plan to pursue a specific career/job or continuing education.
    • Access and leverage alumnae/i connections and networks.
    • Access online resources including career/occupational information, job postings, etc.
    • Strategize for a promotion/advancement, asking for a raise or negotiating compensation.
    • Strategize re-entry into the workplace after time away from work.
    • Plan an exit strategy, to leave a particular job or work environment. 

    Becky Ross, M.A., Senior Associate Director for Alumnae/i Career Services, has more than two decades of experience and leadership in higher education career services. She has a Master of Arts in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has built her career around helping individuals identify, explore and pursue their career goals. Read Becky’s full bio.

    What is my approach to career coaching?

    I identify as an educator, a career counselor, an alumni- and student-success professional, and as an advocate. Values that guide my work include: accountability; authenticity; collaboration; equity and inclusion; integrity; learning and growth; and responsiveness.

    • Coaching is an outcomes-oriented process focused on gaining insights, identifying strategies and resources, and generating action steps to address a range of career development and management goals.
    • Coaching is a positive approach that taps into your capabilities and strengths, helping you to practice, hone and leverage skills needed to achieve goals.
    • Coaching is a partnership which requires your active engagement and may take place in one or several sessions

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