Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of Community Involvement

  • To know about the community organization/partner, its policies, people and program
  • To have guidance and direction
  • To do meaningful and satisfying work
  • To have a voice in activities and planning
  • To be given proper orientation and training
  • To be aware of safety concerns and risky behaviors
  • To be supported in work done at the site
  • To have access resources and training workshops to support and enhance community involvement work

Responsibilities of Community Involvement

  • To be open and honest with leaders, community partners, and community members
  • To make realistic commitments and fulfill all commitments
  • To prepare before working with the community by attending orientation and attending ongoing training and reflection sessions
  • To commit to continued learning about the community partner and challenging oneself to be a better participant through dialogue, reading, and training workshops
  • To enter into service with humility, enthusiasm, commitment, openness and a willingness to learn
  • To ask questions, treat people respectfully, listen and learn
  • To appropriately seek guidance and direction
  • To be prompt and dependable
  • To respect confidentiality and privacy and the individual circumstances of community members
  • To be an appropriate role model, particularly when working with children
  • To be flexible
  • To ask for help when you need it
  • To realize that you are not the only one giving


  • Dress comfortably and appropriately
  • As in any metropolitan area, use common sense (e.g., don't leave personal belongings unattended, recognize your comfort zones and find support to challenge your boundaries)
  • Make a genuine effort to get to know people at the community site (e.g., community members, staff, building personnel, etc.)

Civic Engagement would like to thank Civic House, a community service and learning collaborative at the University of Pennsylvania, for the use of their material.


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