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Laboratory Safety

Chemicals and equipment can be hazards to those working in labs. These hazards can be controlled with the tools below. 

Biological, Chemical, and General Lab Safety

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Inspection Checklist

Annual inspection of labs ensures compliance, familiarization of safety equipment, and mitigation of hazards. The Lab Safety Inspection Checklist guides you through the process through a list of general lab safety compliance items. Inspections will be announced/scheduled in order for faculty and lab staff to participate. 


Cryogenic & Dry Ice Safety Guidance

The Cryogenic & Dry Ice Safety guidance includes hazards and precautions of liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, dry ice and other similar cryogenics. Safe handling is vital and having consistent faculty-lead training relaying this guidance will minimize the hazards and ensure proper controls and procedures are used.  

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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

SOPs are detailed instructions that harmonize laboratory practices, reduce user errors, and can be used as training tools. An SOP should be created processes, experiments, and individual chemicals and include information about potential hazards and how these hazards will be mitigated. 

SOP Template

Safety Data Sheets

SDSs inform users of the hazards associated with chemicals and provide precautions for working safely. They are available from various internet sources and through EHS (


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